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Hi .
I have sold a pair of k501 , a transportable dooboo lab PPA amp and a set of Ic , all-in-one to David .

David knocked asking some info about the items in pm , we discussed in a very friendly way about price , he sent money in two tranches and everything went very fast - he showed to be patient while waiting for answers when I was away and couldn't reply his pms .
Not a problem with him , I'd advice dealing with him with ease and confidence .
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David bought my headphile HF-1s. He paid right away and let me know as soon as he received them. Highly recommended head-fier!
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David and I did a cross-trade. My pair of Shure E2C's + Cash for his pair of AKG K501's.

I received the cans quickly and in what seemed to be good condition, but upon closer inspection, I found that the 1/8" jack was bent. I PM'ed David about it and he said he did not notice that before cause he always had the adapter on the jack. He was ready to offer me a full refund since he did state in his ad that the item was in pristine condition. Upon further inspection, I also noticed a small crack around the area of the strain relief on the can. I requested a full refund and David was very friendly and courteous throughout the transaction. He even threw in another $10 to cover shipping! I was a bit nervous that it could turn into something ugly, but it never even got close to anything that could be considered uncivilized. I believe he's a genuine good trader who just made a small mistake. I would buy from him again knowing he would go this far for customer satisfaction.
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spaceman bought some Senn PC150 cans off me - quick payment and smooth transaction - would do business with anytime!
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I did a straight trade with David. I traded a Rega Ear and a pair of Ety's for a Pair of Senn. 650's with Cardas cable. David said the headphones were in great condition, and they were. We did a little back and forth before comming to a final deal. David was quick to respond to my e-mails and very upfront with me. Neither of us has a great deal of feedback, which can always make you just a little nervous, but David was quick to get the phones shipped, and after several back and forth messages, i was certain that he was the real deal. I wouldn't hesitate to do more bussiness with him or recommend him to others. He sounds quite knowledgable as well.
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I bought AKG K501 from spacemanspliff. He told me in advance that this cans wasn't in perfect cosmetic condition, but not sonic related. He quoted me the cheap shipping cost from USA to Thailand. And the package I got from him was very nice and secure. No hesitate to deal with him in future.
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I bought SpacemanSpliff's SA5k's. As stated they were in excellent shape and arrived well packed. The transaction went smooth and he kept me well informed. Would buy from again.
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Dave bought my AKG K1000 today. Sent me an early PM to tell me he was interested and waited for a couple of others ahead of him to fall through. Sent me payment right away. Easy transaction.

Said he'd pay and then paid. What more do you say about a buyer?
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Originally Posted by bongomon
Dave bought my AKG K1000 today. Sent me an early PM to tell me he was interested and waited for a couple of others ahead of him to fall through. Sent me payment right away. Easy transaction.

Said he'd pay and then paid. What more do you say about a buyer?
.. maybe that the guy is ramping head-fi with a vertiginous insane speed ..
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Bought pair of Ety ER-4Ps from him, smooth transaction, shipped promptly would buy from again.
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I bought a AKG K1000 cable from him. Good communication, easy negotiation, quick shipping, secure packaging, cable arrived exactly as described. Highly recommended.
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I bought a 3rd party DIY amp from him at a very reasonable price. Easy to deal with and quick to ship. The amp arrived well-packed in like-new shape. He always responded to my pms right away. I trust this head-fier and would buy from him again.
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Bought an NAD T533 from him. Arrived well-packed in original box, in good condition, with all the original items too, and he even threw in a short mini/mini interconnect as an extra! The condition of the unit was not given in the original FS post but a careful examination proved it was in "like new" condition regardless. He also sent a FedEx tracking number the same day it shipped so I could easily track its shipping progress.

Fast communication, responsive to PMs, what more to say? Good seller, wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
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I purchased a pair of AT A500s from spacemanspliff. They were shipped quickly and packaged securely and were exactly as described. Thanks!
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i sold my AD700s to david. he paid right away after we settled the deal and contacted me when he received them. piece of cake transaction and absolutely no problems whatsoever.
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