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as a ps-1 owner and lucky enough to listen to a friends newly-acquired l3000 for a good amount of time, choosing between the 2 would be a tough call. On the one hand, the L3000 has MUCH better built quality, is much more comfortable, and has deeper bass, not to mention isolation. Unfortunately the L3000 suffers a little from 'closed phone colouration' especially noticable in the treble region, where extension is good, but rolloff is also quite audible. Due to that rolloff, although it remains a marvellous listen, it is one step short of the last word in realism. I personally consider it probably the best closed phone ever, but still a closed phone, and it retains that closed phone sound, if that makes any sense.

The PS-1 has equal mids, not as lush as the l3000 though more natural to my ears, bass which is not a deep, but just as good quality-wise. Staging is about equal, but treble-wise, is clearly superior. Comfort sucks, but the retro look appeals to me more than the l3000 (subjective). Both work extremely well unamped.

Since i use full size cans only at home in quiet surroundings, i would lean to the grado and say take the PS-1, but its virtually neck-to-neck and by no means is the L3000 an inferior can. it just suits my needs better. If i was after a can than could work in any environment, and i wanted something that i could listen to a long time without my ears burning the L3000 would be it. Personally, i wish i could own both. they are just such great complements for one another. sigh...
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I'm not an owner of either so this is just going by impressions at meets, but I'd say the Leatherhead by a large margin. It combines the articulation of AT/Sony with some of the warmth of Senn/Grado. On the other side, I don't even think the PS1 is the best sounding Grado, so you see it's not too difficult a choice.
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I haven't even listened to one of them and the choice is obvious.

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L3000. Ijust like the house sound. Have not heard the PS1 headphone.
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OF COURSE L3000 can't go wrong dude.
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I've not heard any of the two headphones, but I have reliable italian sources regarding these cans (Nik). For sure, I'd choose the ATH L3000.

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Trust him! Nik is Nik.
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I had the PS1 and I have the L3000... after 2 or 3 or more hours of nostop listening... I doubt nobody can prefer the PS1 to the L3000, but this is just my opinion.

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Nik, aren't you comparing purely from memory?
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Haven't heard either one, so for now I will say K340.

I hope I get a chance to hear them both some day... it's looking like they wont be making an appearance at my meet unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by Andrea
Trust him! Nik is Nik.
Originally Posted by Andrea
Nik, aren't you comparing purely from memory?
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Yeah, nothing will ever take that idea out of your mind
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Not only from mine.

Pay attention.
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If one person want to listen music many hours per day... relaxed and inside the music's world... the L3000 is the cans for him and the PS1 is not the cans for him. Not needed memory to explain this concept...

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