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If you could choose only one - L3000 or PS-1?

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Seeing as how both of these can's are very soon to be extinct, and will both have left a signifigant (if not legendary!) mark in the world of headphones. I'm just wondering - if cost wasn't a factor, and you could choose only one of these over the other, which would it be?

Your selection would be a lifelong decision, no selling or swapping once you've made your choice!

Please don't let any amplification/sources you may own or plan to buy influence your choice, the decision should be made based on the headphone alone. I would also like to ask that people don't vote if they haven't heard these headphones, making a vote based on which one you 'think' you might like better will throw off the results I'm looking for.

Very interested to see what people would really choose if the pricetags were out of the way.
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PS-1 no contest for me. The Leatherhead just wasn't doing it for me, regardless of price - just dark dark dark imho of course!
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For collectability, the L3000s.

For exclusivity, the PS3000s.

For listening, I dunno, I've only heard my PS3000s and the PS1s they were carved from.
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Having owned both and actually having both on hand right now I can say for me the obvious choice is the L3000.
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It's the PS1 for me too! The AT L3000 is a great and well built headphone using only the highest quality materials, but I just like the sound of the PS1's better.

- augustwest
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Originally Posted by Jahn
PS-1 no contest for me. The Leatherhead just wasn't doing it for me, regardless of price - just dark dark dark imho of course!
Haven't heard the PS1 but have to agree with the above comment re the L3000. Spent 4 days with a well run in pair and found them too bass heavy and lacking extension at the top, they even managed to take the bite out of the remastered Stooges Funhouse...again just my opinion.
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But I don't have to choose one!
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gimme HP1
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I was considering the PS-1 as they are almost gone but at the end I went for another L3000G for future replacement as I love the L3000 sound (bassy lushness and richness specially) so much...

However, this is just me. I can see people going for the PS-1. It's one of my favorite cans. I've been very close to buy it a few months ago. Wait a moment! L3000? PS-1? Am I a basshead???
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Originally Posted by gpalmer
But I don't have to choose one!
Show off!

PS1's for me please...
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While I am a fan of both headphones, if I was forced to choose between the PS-1 and the L3000 the Audio-Technica would remain and the Grado would leave. The PS-1 is a very fun headphone that has some of the most slam ever, and guitars through it are very vivid and shimmering. While the HP-1000 is probably the most accurate Grado, it really lacks the fun, groovy sound of the RS-1 (which has problems of its own). I feel the PS-1 is the only headphone to capture most of the HP-1000's character while retaining the groove of the RS-1. That said, I couldn’t enjoy large orchestral works, chamber music, or acoustic jazz with the PS-1; the presentation of the PS-1 simply sounds "wrong" with this headphone to me (this is with a variety of amps: SDS-XLR, Dynamight, EAR HP4, Melos SHA-Gold). Oddly enough, my favorite amplifier for the PS-1 was the Singlepower SLAM – it seemed to control the bass the best for some reason. For certain music there is no better choice than the PS-1, IMO; however, for other genres there are more appropriate options in my experience. The L3000 is a much more well-rounded headphone, IMHO. While I have issues with other AT cans (W2002, W11JPN, A1000, W1000, etc.) the L3000 really rectified many of my problems with Audio-Technica cans - it seems to illustrate the best qualities of AT while mitigating the flaws of the family. I can enjoy any style of music with the ATH-L3000, from jazz, to classical, to hip-hop, to rock - I cannot say the same about the PS-1. My problem with the L3000 is that it doesn't excel in any area, IMO (similar to the complaint some assign to the HD650). The HE90 is much better with most classical and jazz, and the R10 is better with acoustic jazz. Even the HD650, when paired with a balanced amplifier is superior in many categories, IMO. That said, the L3000 is still one of the best dynamic headphones ever (I only prefer the R10 and HD650) and a much more versatile headphone than the PS-1, IMO (did I include enough IMOs in this tirade).

EDIT: I forgot to mention that I also find the L3000 to be much more comfortable than the PS-1. While the PS-1 isn’t uncomfortable, it’s not as nice as any AT phone (which aren’t as comfy as Beyers/Senns to me because I prefer velour to leather, which becomes warm after 30 minutes).
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Wow that's a toughie. If I had only ipod for a source then the Ps-1 no brainer. It's my fave headphone for the ipod. They both have their strengths and flaws.

If it was for my other setup then I would probably choose the L3000's. But it's diffficult to say. I never use my Ps-1 in my other setup.
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Heh.. you know what I selected.
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Neil- would you like to borrow my Sensa's, because our ears seem to be a perfect match
Jeff- thought you had already made up your mind , or is this just second thoughts?
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I would really like to hear the L3000 but knowing that I like to have a fun and engaging sound I take (I mean took ) the PS-1's. They don't do classical very well but that means I just have to buy more cans which is unavoidable here anyways
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