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Ah, forget it...
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Originally Posted by AdamWill
While an inconclusive ABX test conducted by a single knowledgeable individual may sway your opinion in favor of the "wire is wire" camp, there is scientific evidence that proves that measurable differences are encountered (inductance, resistance, capacitance, etc.) depending on cable geometry and configuration. If you actually follow this link you'll discover that this group actually tested the cable's properties and measurable characteristics in a repeatable, consistent fashion. A skeptic like you should applaud and welcome tests like the one above that return results regardless of cable price/brand and simply report technical data. Since you're so entranced by your own "hip" dismissal of anything remotely audiophile then enjoy your ignorance - you are no different than someone who squanders $10,000 on a cable as both camps follow the credo of blind ignorance.
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Thanks for all the replys. I think i might have to give this magnet wire a go.

As a general rule how far do you position the speakers apart?
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My choice is probably going to be a diy combo of Supra Ply 3.4 and WBT Midline bananas. Look good on paper, should be long-lasting, and since I'm mostly a wire's wire kind of guy, not too overkill.

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Originally Posted by warnsey
As a general rule how far do you position the speakers apart?
Now we're talking about something that will improve the sound!

Speakers shouldn't be more than 6 to 8 feet apart in a normal sized room. Set them out a bit from the wall, and raise them in height, so the mids and tweeters are closer to the level of your ears at normal listening position.

See ya
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Originally Posted by bigshot
Now we're talking about something that will improve the sound!
...sais Mister Know-It-All with his gigantic cable experience...

More seriously:

Originally Posted by warnsey
As a general rule how far do you position the speakers apart?
A good rule of thumbs is to have the same distance from the listening seat to the tweeters as the distance between the latter -- alternatively tweeters and listener forming an equilateral triangle. But by all means try to avoid placing the speakers closer than 1 meter to a lateral wall! And try to move your listening seat at least 1 m away from the rear wall! All the better if the latter is decently dampened (e.g. by a book or record shelf).

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neil: way to infer!

Actually, I don't have any kind of decent speaker set up. My speaker cables are the ones glued on to my CAN$200 Logitech 5.1 speakers, and I couldn't use 'better' ones if I wanted to. I just like to see what people _think_ about the issues raised by such tests.

(Personally, I find it more interesting when an ABX test can demonstrate that normal people really can _hear_ a difference between foo and bar; a test showing that there is some kind of measurement difference between foo and bar is interesting, but if a test can't show that anyone can _hear_ that difference, it's a bit academic. And I think it's hard to argue that there aren't some insane ideas about cables out there when some people will pay (and advocate paying) silly amounts of money for _digital_ interconnects. But as far as cables carrying analog signals go, I wouldn't want to venture any opinions. As you will note I did not. :>)
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I find a hybrid approach consisting of ABX and technical measurements produces the most reasonable results. When I upgraded from the Monster cable to the Sound King there was a noticeable difference (and switching back and forth confirmed this), but the Cobalt Cable was only somewhat of an improvement over the Sound King (barely noticeable), so I sold it as my speakers and source are not resolving enough to warrant such an expensive cable (perhaps if my speakers were better such differences would become more apparent). I'll stick with my Sound King 10AWG: 50' for $35!

EDIT: I now use the Cobalt Cable for the mains and the Sound King cable for the center and surround speakers.

P.S. I'm quite the inferer...
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Oh, I can believe that Monster could screw things up so badly they don't even manage to make decent speaker cable. I had to go through their 'university' for sales people last week (my friend's sister works in Future Shop, she said if I did the online training thing for her she'd give me the Canucks tickets they're giving out as a prize for the first employee to finish all the training :>) and it had more metric tons of ******** per second than anything else I've _ever_ read (and that includes Microsoft press releases). I think of $45 spent on any given Monster Cable, $40 is profit, $4.99 goes to paying the wages of the PR people, and $0.01 is spent on junk metal to make the cable out of...
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Originally Posted by bigshot
The spool says... 50 ft. (15.2 m) 16 gauge Speaker Wire, 2 conductor stranded. Part number 278-1267

Good stuff.
I have to try it, Home Depot. There is a 12 gauge? Various gauge?

Originally Posted by soundboy
I purchased some close-out PS Audio Prelude speaker cables and they are as thick as a python. Probably just as heavy too. One reason why I am not using them.
Yes that's the line. I think the size (and sound) is the same. It's just the detaching/attaching that's a chore.
I've pretty much made up my mind to keep them and return the Oritek S-1. There seems more synergy between the Oritek X-1 and PSAudio speaker cable than with the Oritek speaker cable, go figure. More detail but thinner sound with the S-1, fuller sound with more dynamics with the PS-A, dynamics feel closer to reality for me.

I don't know if gauge is playing a role. Yep gotta get some fat HD!
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I don't know if gauge is playing a role.
gauge plays a role in long cable runs.
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I use Grover SRII at the moment. I huge difference over the Monster that was in there before. I'd possibly upgrade again but it's a 28 foot run and it gets expensive.
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LAT INTERNAYIONAL. Fantastic quality, tremendous value.
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On the cheap Kimber Kwik 12 is VERY good at $1 a foot from I use it for my home theater rears. Local dealer has his whole salon wired with it. Used Kimber 4tc or 8tc is a great cable if you can grab it off Agon before someone else. The Home Depot 12 gage orange and black drop cord is the one that has gotten a lot of air time on audioasylum.
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