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Waveterminal U2A

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Has anyone used one of these?

It looks like what I need except that it seems to be software controlled and it might force upsampling.

Here's what I actually need:

input: USB, coaxial/spdif, toslink/optical
output: coaxial/spdif, toslink/optical
no sampling rate conversion (spit out whatever you get in)
small footprint
no software needed to operate

This would allow me to use a DAC and headphone amp with any PC, DVD player or any other source with any kind of digital output. This is the dream. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Interestingly, the U2A uses exactly the same DAC as the ART DI/O. I haven't tried it though, so I can't vouch for sound quality. It does seem like a nice device (also look into the newer 24-bit WaveTerminal). The only concern is that it's USB bus-powered, and there might not be enough "juice" for the analog outputs, particularly in the bass. I'd feel better about it if it had its own power supply.
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I'm not instested in using the DAC of the Waveterminal. This has become my bane: it seems impossible to find a format converter that includes USB and doesn't include a DAC. And when it includes a DAC, the quality of the DAC seems all anyone else is interested in.
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I don't know if either of these suggestions will help, but have you tried looking at the Onkyo SE-U55? That seems to get you at least part of the way there.

If not that, try www.edirol.com. From that page go to their audio capture products. That page seems to have some pro gear that might meet your needs.
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Kelly, I second the recommendation for the Onkyo U55, if you're just looking for a USB coaxial out at 44.1 kHz. It's been discontinued, so you should snap one up as quickly as you can.

I was in the same boat as you -- I wanted to use an ART DI/O with a laptop and couldn't find anything cost-effective (this was when the U55 was still priced at $250 instead of $80). Eventually I just gave up and took Tuberoller's suggestion and got an NS500V CDP. Haven't looked back.
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My home cd player is adequate, this is for a more versatile transportable system that I can take to work, to a friend's, etc.

It looks like the Onkyo requires a computer to operate and has kind of a big footprint. I contacted Edirol by email to ask if their solutions might work for me. It's difficult to tell from their web site whether the format conversion requires being plugged into a PC or not and whether they force sample rate conversion or not.

Thanks for the tips guys. Still researching options.
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