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Twenty Seven, but I look much older
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Originally Posted by Quad
Turned 50 today. Now I am on the dark side of 100.
Don't worry, just keep moving that halfway point in life up a notch each year. Now that I'm 41, it's obvious that I'm going to live to 83 and thus not halfway there yet...

Looks like we have a pretty young crowd here, but as this relates to headphones I'm not surprised... many (most?) of us fogies are off listening to speakers somewhere.
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Originally Posted by enjoi_rootbeer
you lose. head fi will become the rest of your life. ever infected with upgraditis and the curse.
Only infected until you get as far out on the curve of diminshing returns as you can with your current income, and the differences become so small you can finally no longer say things like "blows xxx out of the water."

BTW 22, sucked into head-fi for going on three years now, and finally reaching the point I described above, where hopefully for you all the music will be as insanely fun to enjoy as it is for me.
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I'm 21
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16, finally licensed (min driving age in Hawaii) Next big one is 21, drinking , legally at least
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Originally Posted by milesbeyondjazz
50.I guess Im' one of the old guys on this board.But not the oldest.I still cant' figure out how some of the colleage kids can afford all of this stuff!
A comment I can relate to. I often wonder this myself and then remember when I was in college and until I met the woman who was to become my wife (22 years of wedded bliss in April). No, or very little responsibilities. Bills the lowest they were ever to be in my life and a great deal of discretionary income. Shoot, in 82 I was spending $50 or so a week on LPs. That's a little over $100 now considering inflation. $400 a month or so just a part of my discretionary income at the time (okay, a big part). Think what I could buy each month in terms of headphones with that as my discretionary income and no wife or kids?
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37 next month! Time flies I tell ya
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55 and not a member of that liberal organization called AARP...

Is there a conservative alternative?
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Shockingly, 38.

I remember discovering music on my dad's 8-tracks .
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22. 23 this September.

21 didn't feel that long ago
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Turning 22 in March.
Damn ... time does go by preety fast
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*** 18 ***

The magic age.

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Not as young as I look, but not as old as I feel...
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Originally Posted by skyline889
16, finally licensed (min driving age in Hawaii) Next big one is 21, drinking , legally at least
You'd love it in Europe
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