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How Old Are You???

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Hi there I was just wondering how old head fiers are?

So how old are you?

I am 30.
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19 at the moment...
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this belongs in the member's lounge.
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Originally Posted by EdipisReks
this belongs in the member's lounge.
Plus, there was just a thread asking this very question.
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39. Fading on the roots.
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17, turn 18 nov 26
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IC IC I didnt notice the other thread. I shuld have posted this in the members lounge but I cant seem to delete the post.

Anyhow...its here now...sorry wrong place for it.

lets see if it just fades away...
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Old enough to know better, young enough not to care!
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16 :P
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21 here...
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19 here
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21,some of my friends as my age already got married or going to can I say this .....LOL
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