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Okay at first try I loved the Gamma, but it might have been the 'new toy' effect it seems...

I have my system set up as gametheater(optical) > gamma > corda > SR-325.

It might be the upsampling the GT does, but there doesn't seem to be much if any difference in sound quality between the Gamma output and GT output. I almost got blisters from all the times I changed the ICs from the DAC to the GT(damn radio shack gold series serrated connectors...).
Source was the cardigans' gran turismo in medium quality mp3
collective soul in high quality mp3 and CD
linkin park CD
some classical stuff, on CD.(btw, crossfeed is really nice for classical, adds a real natural feeling)
using the mpeg decoder and CD reader in Apollo.

now granted I have the computer fans and pretty loud A/C on, but I was listening at rather high volume levels, too, and any difference I would have heard. I also waited to post this until after I got the amp, to make sure nothing else was the weak link in this chain.

I'm not sure how upsampling works, but someone said that it converts to analog, then back to digital, if thats true your basically relying on the internal DAC for the signal to the external one. In that case its $100 I didn't need to spend.

So if anyone with a similar combo could give me their experience, that would be cool.