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Oh, like all of you were really wondering...

...about it. My avatar is a simple fez with the "3M3" logo of the band 3 Mustaphas 3. The resolution is poor, it looks very grainy, but I'm a big fan of that band. I even own a red fez with a black tassel. No, I'm not a Shriner.

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Just some guy.
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Way back when i fist started getting into internety stuff I needed an avatar, so I just started browsing sites. i eventually ended up at Maddox's site (The best site in the universe), and I found a random piture of a robot so I cropped the head and I have been using it ever since.
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This is an illustration of MF Doom, as depicted in the ALL CAPS video on the Madvillainy album by Madvillain (MF Doom + Madlib)
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Well, here is a new one. Although because I am not too thrilled so far I might go back in a few days.

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The avatar I chose was the hellspawn or spawn from the animated TV series, he's wearing k1000s (quite the paradox...creature of the night seeking the light of day)!
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Originally Posted by Senn20
It's a close-up of the Sennheiser logo on the HD 595 with a weird filter applied to it. I was putzing around with an image editor one day and made it.
That's awsome! It turned out really cool.

Mine's the front of the current generation BMW M3.
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Mine is currently an almost-as-hot-as-in-person shot of Lucia Cifarelli.
Anyone who keeps tabs on the "Last five CDs..." thread in the Music forum shouldn't be too surprised to know that she's the lovely girl in the now-reformed KMFDM.

I only changed it three or four days ago and I've already forgotten what I had up before. Probably a shot of Tarja Turunen or Sharon den Adel. My avatars are almost universally of female vocalists, unless I'm feeling really geeky (in which case the "RTFM" and Tux casebadge images I jacked from Thinkgeek come out)
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Cool thread!

I've been a Calvin and Hobbes fan since I discovered the comic when I was in college.

I chose this particular one because I used it as part of my office decoration when my first son was born five years ago. I chose it at the time because to me, it conveyed much about the carefree nature of childhood that I wish my newborn son would enjoy as he grew up.
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Originally Posted by daycart1
Ok, it's been a while since we did this thread.

Mine is the same as my screen name.
wow, took me a few seconds to recognise Descartes in your screen name!
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Mine is me playing my Guild X-500.
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I suppose mine's the 'Pink Robot' from the album cover of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips.

I chose it for the following simple reasons - 1. it was colourful and added some (imo) much needed 'life' to the relatviely drab forum display format and 2. it's (again, imo) stands out and is quite memorable looking.

While editing it for size and file format I even ramped up the contrast and saturation a wee bit to make it stand out more.

Now I'm reluctant to change it because people around here have come to associate it with me.
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Mine is one of the best family guy moments. It is peter wearing the same dress as Lois and saying that one of them will have to change.
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I think I've posted in this thread, but with an older avatar. Any Pink Floyd fan should recognize this one...
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It's Death from Discworld series. He happens to be surrounded by kittens in the pic.
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