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Great online CD store

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I'm refering to HMV in Canada. They seem to have great prices and great choices. They actually have five versions of Steely Dan's Aja available. Nuff said.
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Pig mode in Vulcania? You must be somewhere in the U.S.?

As a Canadian, I've always found HMV pricey, even on their web-site.

But CD's in Canada have historically been lower in Canada than the U.S. so maybe that is what caught your attention. Why (the lower prices), I don't know, but its been that way for quite some time. Unless I am desperate for something that is impossible to find here, I would rarely order from or in the US. Pricey for us Canucks, particularly when you factor in shipping costs across the border.

Unfortunately, the "best" Canadian online CD store closed down earlier this year - and that was Sam the Record Man. Their stores in Toronto are still going strong though.

Try and compare prices. I'd be curious what you think.
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I've never been to sams, but I do frequent HMV alot. I used to get free cd vouchers from garageband and I used to pay only $2 for a cd from HMV, they're quite fast but their prices online and in store are totally different. Dave Brubeck's "time Further out" is 14.99 online and 19.99 at the store.
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Chapters looked like a rip-off of Amazon...and has pretty bad prices as well from what I saw. I kinda liked A&B. Any other online sites that ship to US? Hehe
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I was in HMV today and saw new Miles Davis collection for... $35 Canadian?! I got it for about $22.79 from A&B on saturday.

Chapters has good classical collection; I got some stuff from them that I doubt I'd find in any brick store - naturally, stuff recommended by you guys on HeadWize and HeadFi. With club card you get 10% off and shipping is cheap and there's no brokerage. And they are my only hope to find that damned 1964 my funny valentine concert some people rave about - I just can't find it anywhere.
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What's the A&B web address?

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Yup, A&B tends to have better prices than HMV. I can't comment on selection, but HMV is easier to navigate.
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Holy cow... I was not aware A&B actually has that many CDs in the catalog. Well, they really don't - most of the stuff I want is special order (6-8 weeks!), but at least the price is right.
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Does any one have the number for HMV's Customer's service? I've been to the website and I can't seem to find any numbers there. Just emails. I think they might have lost my parcel. It's been a few days now and it's still not here yet. My parcel was shipped in 2 portions. I've received the portion that was shipped out later but not the earlier one. Anyone has any advise?

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