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the original cd player was a bit too much for me on hindsight, the guy on the phone from nysound was too informative to me about the sale and it felt too shakey like he was sure what will happen.

he told me it was 220 and he may or may not be able to modify it. and then he gave me a talk about how there have been instances of damaged products shipped to usa since the courrier handles them abusively at times.
The Original was a tube cdplayer, so that makes it even more delicate, the operator also told me he was not sure how delicate the machine was since its fairly new, there are also almost no reviews of the unit online eiter.

shipping was about $150 too. In my past experiences, Ive ordered a tube amp from DHL and it arrived with a broken tube, and I think one of the sockets may have been adversely affected. there is also lack of repair support and shipping items back damaged is very veyr expensive. Shipping cost a 3rd of the items selling price not including import taxes.

So I thought to myself, what the freak am I doing? and considered the risks too high, as if something were to go amiss, Id lose a lot of money in shipping alone with no player.

so I weighed it on a balance


looks nice
uses tubes
Original has a fairly good rep as a Chinese company


more then $600+ shipped one way
No money only credit card, while other is near maxed
no guarantee that it will arrive safely
import fees
no warranty or service repair
mystery performance
Hand modified power supply not done by manufacturer
unknown turn around time

The situation was just too risky, it felt like I was just throwing $600 into a dark alley hoping the product would arrive safely.

even if something in the player were to become damaged in transit, I wouldnt have a clue how to fix it myself, or even worse, some small would be damaged and would fester into a larger problem in the future.

then I saw the Onix,

relatively cheap, nice reviews, aesthetically nice, nice weight to it, black, USA support, warranty support, 30 day return policy, $20 shipping no import tax.


its solid state, probably wont sound as good as the Original A8T.

But I suppose the PPX3 slam is considered an entry amp, and the Onix is a mid fi player, so I didnt think it would be so bad. Plus Im buying this solely on credit, as I already have the other card maxed, I was having a great sense of uneasiness buying something $600+ overseas with no guarantee.
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Originally Posted by Borat
You spent $100 for a black face plate?

I kind of regret telling you about the XCD-99 now. I thought you were near maxed on your cc?

I did the single power will be sending it to the $5k limit, but I used my back up card, I thnk my debt has risen to $6k+ or so all together, I will not be buying anymore equipment for sometime.

just recently Ive opened a 3rd card, with zero apr for a few months, so I will transfer most of the debt to that to avoid addition credit fees.

I just cant afford this hobby, after this, I will not be buyign anymore equipment.
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I didnt get the A8T.
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Originally Posted by raisin
Actually, if the business is official (files tax returns), his stereo equipment is all deductable as expenses. All of it is required to develop, test, and market his wares. Any start-up losses can be carried forward and applied against future profits.
That said, WellyWu provides excellent advice- Debt kills, especialy CC debt.
Yes, but you still spent the money, and you don't have it anymore. And the IRS also takes into account living expenses. If you file, stating that you spent all of your income on deductables, you will be in for a quick audit, as they will basically ask you, "how did you pay for food and shelter?"
There is a limit to how long you can operate a business at a loss. As a sole proprietorship, you have five years.

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Cables have been fun to play around with.I have been making my own for over 10 years now.I remember back when--i purchased the first Synergistic Research power cable.It retailed for about 210$.I wanted to make 2 power cords out of the one.When i cut it open and saw they were using romax wire in a purple tube i flipped out.Ever sense then i have made my own.But not after buying many brands and seeing how they were made.

It is simple really.Some guys like scott of electraglide audio makes all of his by hand.I have known him sense before he started his company and have seen him make many powercords in front of me.

Other people just buy a roll of wire-use some Teckflex and nice spades and there you have it.

I may do something with cables in the future--i have some great ideas on designs not used as of yet.

I just do not have the time for it right now.I would only make the cables for fun and if it turned into something then that would work too.

Goodluck with your company--it will be slow in the beginning unless you can afford Advertising.

Try out bound for sound (martin dewolf) and many of the small magazines.

Word of mouth is the cheapest way and sometimes the best
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Originally Posted by Welly Wu
I think you're making a wise business decision to invest in equipment to build your own brand name of audiophile cables. I'm just a bit concerned about the extant of your credit card debt and lumping together business and personal expenditures.

Hey, I got to give it up to you though -- you're now a businessman. I know your cables are high quality and I sure as heck hope you make it. It's a snake pit out there!
I have heard Shanling S100 and their S300 while I was on a trip in China and I didn't like either one. I find them harsh, cold, and just overall not very musical.
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The Original A8T is a very good player. Eastsound E5 is it's only competition from China.
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Ill post pics of the xcd-99 once it arrives.
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