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Originally Posted by vagarach View Post

Awesome awesome stuff. Especially the Aston and corvette shots. Butterflys are nice too .
Thank you !

I didn't put them up, but the Audi R10 is hands down the most difficult vehicle to get a shot of. The damn thing is so fast and whisper quiet, you really needed to pay close attention to their position in the race to gauge when it would show up again (no easy thing in mixed class racing!). I'll post more soon. Here's that elusive Audi:

And the lovely Panoz Esperante:

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I just got a D50 with the 18-55 DX kit lens for Christmas and I'm amazed at the images it can turn out. These are WITHOUT a tripod, IS, or anything of that sort, just handheld with the kit lens. Sure, I had to slam it into ISO 1600,(and you can tell my the highlight and shadow clipping) but it's a DSLR, so the images are still pretty darn clear and noise-free (My SD700 has more noise at ISO 800).

Anyway, this is my church and the organ that I play there. I normally go nuts with organ pictures, so I limited myself to posting pictures only of the Great.

The Console

The main great chest and some of the pipes on it. For the organ nuts: 8' Trumpets in the front on their own ARS chest, then on the main chest, 2' Fifteenth, 2 2/3' Fifth, 4' Octave, 8' Melodia, 8' Dulciana, 8' Open Diapason.

Big, Fat, Old M.P. Moller Romantic diapasons. Yeah, baby!

The Mixture III, errr, half of it.

The sanctuary, down the middle.

The sanctuary, from the left.

Sanctuary from the right:

I experimented with different angles with the sanctuary ones. Some where taked prone, some standing on the pews (see the last pic) and with different angles. I was surprised at how changing my position could affect the pictoral quality.
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Would it be possible to make them smaller? The resolution on my monitor is decent but they're still huge.
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Never noticed this thread before. I was fiddling with some photos from a recent trip earlier today, so I guess I'll join in. This is my favorite from that trick. It took me probably a dozen exposures to get it right!

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I was editing it, I guess you missed that in my post, I should have put it at the end. The pictures are fixed now, delete your temporary internet files to view the newly resized ones (had to do it manually, looks better anyway).
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After seeing those butterflies I have to post this little dragon...

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Rhythmicmoose, Great shot! What kind of fruit is that?

GlendaleViper, that C-6R shot is awesome, I like the colors. WB fiddling or just great shot?

Haven't been shooting too much lately myself but I kind of liked this one, not anything special just a bit of eye candy. This rose hardly ever flowers in our garden but this Christmas it went nuts. No saturation changes in PS.

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New Avvy.

Toying with extension tubes.

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周庄 - Zhou Zhuang

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虎丘苏州 - Tiger Hill, Suzhou

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Originally Posted by skyline889 View Post
GlendaleViper, that C-6R shot is awesome, I like the colors. WB fiddling or just great shot?
Minor fiddling. It rained all weekend, so the overall pallette was pretty close to begin with. I'm just using a Canon S3 IS, so most of my pictures end up doctored in some way or another. The butterfly shots are "virgins" though, beyond the standard minor tweaks.

I am a firm supporter of messing with colours, exposures, highlights and shadows, etc. I really need to get myself another SLR though. The Nikon D200 is on the shopping list (eventually). Some of the scenery and macro shots in here make me realize just how much colour and clarity I'm missing.

There are some really, really fantastic pics!
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Can someone help me out of here. I seem to be stuck in the getter.

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You are an odd man. Never change!
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I know these are bordering on cheesy [if not full on cheesy], but I wouldn't even consider myself an amateur photographer, so please forgive me.

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