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Post your Photography Here!  

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I noticed that a good number of us at Head-Fi are into photography with a couple photography threads popping up every here and there. So like the title says: post your shots that you have taken!

I started a couple months ago and recently got a D50. I haven't really gotten a chance to go out and really take photos without being rushed to hurry up. So heres my batch:

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I think we had one of these a while ago, but I've got some new images since then. I absolutely love my Canon 20D. I was debating switching from film to digital for ages. Now I only wish I'd done it sooner. I'm trying my hand at wedding photography in a little over a week, too...

Ok, so it's not the sharpest shot, but I like it (he's my nephew)
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Wow Adam really nice pictures, no offense to the threadstarter though yours nice as well :-)
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Have some new one's as well.

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A friend of mine has a blues band which recently took part in the taping of a 13 part television series on Native Canadian musicians. He asked me to come out to the taping to take some shots of the band. While I was there I shot some of the other acts as well and the show's producer wound up buying a bunch from me which he's used for promotional material as well as intro and transition shots in the actual TV series.

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I've posted this one before but it was the view from our honeymoon bungalow

And this is where we usually camp

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I know these are nothing to brag about, but you didn't say post GOOD photography

I will probably change these as I upload different pictures from my laptop.
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I've been learning the manual controls on my Z1, and I have some crazy shots from a Port Orford, OR park skate session, but I can't post them tonight-I'm too tired at the moment. But I will post pics!

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Here's a few recent ones:

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These are pictures from a recent camping trip, taken with a 2MP Canon. w00t high-quality!

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I've been experimenting with long exposure night shots from a moving train.
Taken with a Nikon Coolpix 8800.

This is an old shot taken with a 3mp Canon
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Some great stuff here. I particularly liked the one of the poles that captain posted great stuff!

One of my most recent:
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Hi. Just family trip photos here. I'm a n00b. Canon Digital Rebel (orig).

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