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I bought an iphone case from mrarroyo. The case was perfect, the shipping was fast and the communication was great. Thank you.
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I purchased a iBasso D10 from mrarroyo. From the start he was easy to communicate. Packaging and shipping was done quickly and in a very professional manner. I would recommend and diffently purchase from mrarroyo again!!
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great head-fier A+

I bought an iRiver H120 off mrarroyo, Miguel was always friendly, and efficient with this deal; communication was always swift and to the point. with a touch of humour to lighten the mood. when a problem arose, Miguel made himself available to sort it all out without delay; staying up late so we could try and get it sorted out before I had to go to sleep. apparently the item is as described (a mutual friend took delivery in the US) afterall and I appreciate Miguels patience iimmensly. It should be said that miguel could have easily taken advantage of the current crazy asking price for irivers and asked me to pay a ridiculous price; instead he sold it to me for what without head-fi would likely be the asking price; perhaps a touch more, but def not much. I see this as being a sign of miguels character is like, it took me a little by surprize and I appreciate it greatly. Thanks Miguel

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A++ Buyer

Mrarroyo purchased my Denon D-2000 headphones and had them recabled with Zynsonix Xev wire. Communication was top-notch, payment was quick, and the whole process went very smoothly. I'd highly recommend Miguel as an excellent buyer and a great person to deal with. Thanks Miguel!
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trustworthy seller

I bought Miguel's (mrarroyo) Rudistor NX-02. He communicated excellently, and the amp is great (exactly as described). I can heartily recommend doing business with Miguel.

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I bought a pair of ESW9's and a case from Miguel. I couldn't ask for a more perfect transaction. Miguel is a very professional head-fier to work with and is extremely helpful. He even measured the cups for me before selling them to me. His packing jobs are amazing and the shipping was extremely fast! I hope I have many more transactions with Miguel in the future!!! He is a super great head-fier. Thanks Miguel.
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Miguel is such a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended to anyone.
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Bought a Little Pinkie PSU from Miguel. He was so easy to deal with and shipped in a timely fashion. Thanks.
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Mrarroya is really great to work with. Excellent communications, fast shipping, and packaging that could withstand a nuclear blast, lol!
This is my first experience buying on here, and it was a really nice experience. Miguel ruined it for the next guy, he has big shoes to fill, lol.

Thanks Miguel,
Matt Yates
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Bought an Ibasso D3 from Miguel. Was a pleasure to deal with and had great communication. Was very understanding of my situation and requirements for a great transaction.

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I bought Miguel's iBasso P3 Heron. He was wonderful to deal with even in the midst of his unfortunate auto crisis and the item arrived in excellent condition and very well packaged. I would jump at the opportunity to do business with him again. Thanks Miguel!
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Great, quick transaction on my ER 4P's. A pleasure to deal with.
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I bought a pair of Yuin g2a from mrarroyo. It was a good transaction.
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I bought a pair of Yuin G1A from Miguel. Excellent communication and fast shipping. No doubt a first-rated seller.
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Hey Miguel,
Sorry for the late feedback. I sold Miguel a pair of my JMoney Audio Lambskin Denon pads and his communication and payment speed was great. Hope to do business with him in the future.


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