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I bought Miguel's Amp one. I couldn't be happier! Great deal and great guy! Gracias.
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Sold some tubes to Miguel. Fast payer, great guy, and just a great overall contributer to head-fi. Thanks!
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Sold some cables to mrarroyo, great quick communication and payment. Thanks mrarroyo.!

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i sold my ray samuels sr-71 to miguel which was once his.
the transaction went smoothly with great communication!
i highly recomend
ive learned alot about different equiptment from miguel here on head-fi.
thank you miguel
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I bought Miguel's PK1 and as usual it was an excellent transaction. I received the item the day after he shipped it, although he forewarned me that I may receive it later (he was preparing for the Tampa meet) to which I replied to him to take his time.

Thanks Miguel.

As far as I am concerned, I give Miguel the "Highest Recommendation"".
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I bought Miguel's SR-71A. Top notch head-fier. Great communication, great transaction. Would not hesitate to work with again!
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Miguel is a true headphone enthusiast and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
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I didn't buy anything from Miguel (yet). However, I wanted to express how great it is to deal with him.

Recently I was interested in a pair of his headphones. Miguel responded quickly and informatively to each and every question, and even asked other knowledgeable Head-Fiers to help where his experiences left off. He even tried to dissuade me from buying them because he felt I could go with a different option which might be better for my situation (Which kind of sold me on his character if nothing else).

In the end I didn't buy from Miguel, but it was only because I got a smashing good deal elsewhere on another headphone I've been interested in (and as such my wallet is depleted).

I would highly recommend Miguel to others if you're interested in dealing with someone who's responsive, informative, patient, and goes above and beyond to make sure you're getting what you need (Although I must say this means he probably shouldn't pursue a career as a door-to-door salesman ). I never had to wait more than 12 hours for a response from Miguel, and most of the time I received a response almost immediately.

I am looking forward to dealing with Miguel again, and I have no reservations about doing so.
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Miguel bought my iRiver iHP-120. He was very patient as I sorted some things out and paid promptly once we decided to make a deal. I would not hesitate to deal with him again.
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Miguel and I did a little switch on Ipod docks, with a little cash involved. As usual, Miguel is a cooperative and helpful person. Since I consider him a friend, it is almost silly to leave him feedback, but nevertheless he is entitled to the good feedback.
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Miguel made me an offer to purchase my ESW9s. I took him up on it. Miguel is a great guy to work with in any transaction. Thanks for making this work.
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i bought a EF1 from mrarroyo. it's arrived really quick so it's very nice to deal with this guy
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I bought a pair of Ultrasone 2500's from Miguel. He has 8 pages of positive feedback so surprise, he's a great guy to deal with. Communication was prompt and thorough, shipping was quick, and the headphones were packed to survive a nuclear blast. Wouldn't hesitate a moment to do business with Miguel in the future. Thanks.
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I bought mrarroyo's 01 and as usual, it was an excellent transaction. I received the unit the day after he shipped it. It was packed very well, appeared just like in the FS' photos and worked flawlessly. Thanks Miguel.
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I again sold some opamps to Miguel. As usual, the transaction went flawlessly! As a good friend and great Head-Fier, I can recommend him without reservation for either selling or buying!
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