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LOL, will do.
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Originally Posted by markl View Post
Finally, one of the reasons I ran out of money was that Virtual Dynamics played a really rotten trick on me by having a very quiet 60% off sale for 3 days, and I ended up with Master 3.0 interconnects, that I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on...

You don't even want to know what the regular price is on those puppies... Ouch!
I DO know the price on those puppies, although I'm still at the previous version. OUCH indeed! Also, congratulations! You're in for a real treat!
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I too didn't know there was a VD 60% sale. Whoa.

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Neil, the sale was on the Rev. 2.0 product to make way for the new 3.0. I had purchased a version 2.0 Master, last one they had, and when they were preparing for shipment, they discovered an issue with that cable, so they substituted a new 3.0 instead. Lucky me!
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I wish markl could get his hands on a Nordost Valhalla, then it will be interesting, really interesting.
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Markl have you had a chance to hear the Purist Audio Design P/Cs? They seem to get good reviews at other forums.
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I've actually been very curious about the PAD cables, but I'm quite happy with what I have right now.
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About six days ago, I was able to pick up a second Black Sand Violet Z1, which I've been using to power the STEPS PS that I use to power all of my amps. The first Violet has been providing AC to my source DAC for awhile now. Another layer of grain was removed, and the background became even quieter. As each of my amps has been permitted to settle in with the new PC in its power path, the lifelikeness of the sound from each has taken a noticeable step up. Going from a Volex 17604 to a Violet on the STEPS took a different settling in path than making the same PC change on the source. On the source, the high end energy started out a little too much, and that receded - leaving a final balance which sounded gorgeous. On the amps, the high end started out too little (a noticeably darker sound) and over the week of use, it came back to where I just LOVE it - only cleaner, with noticeably lower glare or artificial sheen. Across the acoustic spectrum, the sound is tighter and the details are more easily there for the taking - but not demanding attention, which, for me, is the Violet's characteristic contribution - imparting a distinctness to each musical voice and simultaneously a coherency and organic wholeness to all of the voices comprising the music.

Adding a second Violet to my audio path was an experiment for me. I was not sure whether it would be "too much of the same good thing". In my audio path, it was not. For me, with a second Violet in my rig powering the amp, the resulting sonic changes have moved my listening experience even closer to the people behind the music and their human expression in the music.
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Originally Posted by Konig View Post
try the p-079.... thats the lessloss choice.

Btw have u tried revelation audio precept before?
I've been eying the P-079 6ft for a few weeks; seems like the direction that I'm headed, glad to see that Lessloss concurs.
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Make Your Own "Star Quad" Main

You can buy all this stuff from one place and make your own "Pro Audio" cable for 1/10 the price.

Here are a couple of ways.


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Never mind!
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shameless self plug
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Mark, you need to review Signal Cable's Magic Power Digital Reference sometime. I just got one last night and it knocked my socks off. I wouldn't say it trumps the Violet Z1 necessarily (no longer have it, sold it before I got the new one, would've liked to have done an ABX test, but too late now), but it's definitely near competitive. Right off the bat, I noticed increased depth of bass - it was simply deeper, and extension was more audible. Imaging was also more holographic and for the first time, I felt like I was truly hearing the Arcam's exceptional soundstage. It freaked me out a little bit.
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