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Thanks Mark...I wish the 'pro' reviewers would show some guts and compare and contrast in the same way you have...

I'm mostly a lurker here (no headphones--yet, anyway) but I've been on a similar quest this year and have experimented with 20+ cords, mostly in the $500-$1500 range, but not usually keeping them all around to compare. Once I'd find a cord I liked better than the one I had on a given component, it got replaced and the other sold.

I haven't heard the Wolff Silver-Carbon Source (but may have to try it). I presently use a Wolff Carbon Source on my Genesis Lens. When I first got it, I put it on my Tact 2.2x, where it really impressed me...really smooth, sweet, quiet and dimensional, providing a great sense of ease. It has since been replaced by a Concierto Violin which just does everything a little better and injects (lets through?) a little more life and presence.

Impressed with it, though, especially for the $$, I got a Gain cord to try with my Tact amp, but it just didn't do it here--sounding less focused and the detail was a litttle smeared compared to the Foundation Research LC-2 that resides there.

I tried it on my transport, but the Electraglide Statement 2 Rev rules there, letting everything through, top-to-bottom, so for now it stays on the Lens where it's a nice match, and seems to slightly soften the very slight etch here.

I haven't tried the VH Flavor 1 or 2, but do have an Airsine, and agree with Jon about trying it. It's found a home on my AM Stealth, so it's affecting my whole front end (2 transports , 2 jitter boxes and pre). I have another Concierto on the way and will compare it here, but so far it's worked better here than anything else I've tried--open, airy and dynamic.

A couple other lesser-known cords that I've really enjoyed IMS are the Von Gaylord Chinchilla and the HMS.

And I agree that PCs can make as big or bigger contribution than IC or speaker cables.

Keep up the good work...
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Really, really nice comparative review, markl. You definitely summed up my feelings on the lower-end Chris VenHaus Flavor 2 cord very well, especially when it comes to soundstage. Great tonality, great dynamics, but just not the total package. I may have to look into a few of those other cords at the top of your list for the speaker system I'm planning on building soon.
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PS Audio power cables are great for connection between wall and PS Audio Power Plant, especially because of the shielding. You don't need a fast cable because the Power Plant is sort of a buffer, I believe. It wastes a lot of power which turns into heat.

But PS Audio cables are bad for low power equipment. For a source you can't go wrong with a Nordost cable which is very transparent.

Edit: Tried Valhalla for the Power Plant and I was wrong. I got more detail when I replaced Statement into Valhalla.
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Aw shucks. And I was going to ask you to borrow those other cables kidding. It would be easier to lend you the Quail cord.
Sure, if someone wants to send me one, I'd be glad to give it a spin.

For your future listening fun in real-world prices, I would suggest Eichmann Express 6 series 2 power cord, VH Flavor 4 or AirSine, Omega Mikro, and various ribbon cords (interesting sound).
Doesn't the Eichmann have one of those mystery boxes on it? I've always mistrusted cables with black boxes that have extra passive componentry in the signal path. I'd rather keep the signal clean. AirSine is out of my budget range, but I'd love to hear one.
I suspect that the reason power cords seem to affect the sound more than ICs is due to the fact that the cord is thicker and more impressive; therefore, the auiophile gets more "excited" about the potential changes that the cord might make...
Well, if that were the case, my findings would have simply ranked them in order of thickness, thickest being best, but that's obviously not how it worked out.
A couple other lesser-known cords that I've really enjoyed IMS are the Von Gaylord Chinchilla and the HMS.
Thanks for the suggestions, but these are out of my budget range as well.
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Anyone had the chance to compare the TG Audio Lab HSR to the 688?

The 688 sound like the cord for me but $350 is a lot to spend unheard. Wish they were on AudioGon more often.
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Originally Posted by Solude
Wish they were on AudioGon more often.
Actually, there are three of them right now on Audiogon. $225 each.
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Solude, I see 3 of the 688 up on audiogon now. The 688 was intended to replace the HSR series, supposed to be a nice improvement over them. From what I've read, due to customer requests, it seems Crump decided to keep offering them as they are lower in price than the 688.
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Figures that would happen, let me see if I can make some err... Wolff Source appear

Also noticed a few SLVR cords up for grabs. $225 688, $280 SLVR hmmm. What to do, what to do
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Solude, Wolff's latest cord uses silver instead of copper. I've never seen a newer silver version on audiogon, only the older copper ones. While I've never heard the copper, Wolff seems to feel the new silver version is a good step up in performance.
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Am I right in assuming the difference between 688 and SLVR is copper vs. silver? Being I generally dislike silver, with exceptions, that the 688 reviewed would be the safer bet?
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No, the SLVR is badly named IMO. It's the same exact identical cable as the 688, even has the same connectors, the only difference is the prongs are coated with silver to provide better transmission. Is that worth the extra? I'm skeptical, but who knows.
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I'd put money down the $150 would be better spent on some Cardas contact enhancer and a nice bottle or case of wine

I'll have to look into a pair of 688 for my Reference/Tri-Vista after I sell my A324. Wife getting whee bit annoyed with the pile up of gear, need to pace myself
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OK, cord #14 will be Straight Wire's Blue Thunder cord. (It's not even on their web site yet, they are going to amend it shortly to include it). It's a 12-gauge cable made up of fat 18-gauge solid-core pure copper teflon-coated strands. Supposed to have a big bass response. I expect it will sound similar to the Virtual Dynamics cables. We'll see...
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Great job, mark. Excellent, as are all of your reviews.

I'm still chewing & digesting most of the info in this comprehensive writeup, and I'm sure I will be for some time. It will definitely go down in the permanent archives, and serve as a reference for anyone looking at PC's from now on. Thanks for undertaking such a monumental task.
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No kidding, I had pretty much decided to stay stock as far as PCs after my XLO experience but it looks like a TG 688 is in my future thanks to Mark.

Thanks a lot

Kidding, I'm all for better sound but have put a $275/cable cap on my system so even used, the Wolff is out
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