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rio carbon
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Originally Posted by dvallere
Also, the Touch is on its way out of Creative's lineup, apparently. Firmware updates, etc., are not being done for this model.
There have been no Firmware updates for the Touch since Dec 9, so who cares? It plays mp3s well enough.

'Booba', is that from watching Season 1 of The Fraggles? I know I have!
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Originally Posted by DJ Mauler
ya the touch is a bit on the big side, but its tough as nails. i also havent dealth with creatives customer support.
the touch is a monster, both in size and durability. my friend has one and he's stepped on it, dropped it on concrete from several feet up, it will not die. it now has several big dents and the hd is rattling around inside, yet it still works perfectly and has amazing battery life.
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Originally Posted by GSTom1
Unless they relocated recently, Creative Labs is one of the few mp3 manufacturers that still use an American based technical phone support (Oklaholma).

The Australian subsidary called me
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After much research I decided on the iRiver H10 6 Gig. I've used it for about a month and I'm very pleased with it.
Almost any feature one may want, such as user replacible battery (very important IMO), FM radio FM and voice recording, charging via USB or external PS, drag and drop transfer (also syncs with WM10) and a very good sound quality.
I am ready to argue with every iPod mini owner out there that the H10 is a hand down better player
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I'm really liking my iAudio X5L, with ER-4P's. They really don't require and amp, I'd say the difference between amped and unamped is not worth the extra bulk and cable, if you're moving a lot.

I'm using the EQ, but not BBE or Mach3Bass (don't know what either of those are), and the bass is just fine for me.
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Best player is really general but for me, my iAudio X5L is serving me well and I love it.

But one thing to note. You need alot of time to make the player yours. It has alot of flexiblity as you can put whatever arrangement you want for your music and it takes time to find the perfect background for your player.

Also, prepare to afford a pair of good cans. The stock cans are good (for thrashing) but if you are on the dark side, the cans won't be able to handle it
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Here's the deal with the X5L - you can't generate playlists on the unit. So, if you're into that (makes sense with 20gb of music, actually) that could be a big turnoff.

I also wish it had a wrist strap, just to make absolutely sure I never drop it. My CD player has this, and I would have thought it was absolutely necessasry for such a small, fragile, expensive thing.

One other advantage that the X5L has, although I don't really know how many other players do or do not have this feature, is the way your computer sees it. It shows up as a hard drive, if you don't want to use their software, but the included software is quite lightweight and easy to use. I've also connected it to several digital cameras and transferred files with no problems.

I was disappointed by the stock cans, not because they sounded bad, but because they were not made right. The left earbud had a lenght of cord about 1/3 as long as the right, and the pads were not installed on the earbuds. To this day I haven't figured out how to put them together, but with my ER-4Ps, I don't care that much.

Battery life - well, unless you listen to nothing but 128kbps CBR MP3s, and don't have the screen too bright, you're looking at nowhere near 35hours. I'm estimating mine will last about 19 total hours, but mind you I have a lot of FLACs, and I've watched 2 episodes of Arrested Development on it. I know the battery monitor on LIONs is not accurate, but if this thing goes 35 hours before it dies, I'll be very surprised.

Another thing - the video is excellent for the size of the screen. You won't be reading any subtitles, and faces are hard to make out, but I was honestly blown away at the quality for such as small screen.

Worst problem is the stupid little subpack that you have to use to charge and connect to the usb port on your computer. This is ridiculous and there is no reason I can see that they couldn't have put these ports on the unit. My guess is that it's a cost cutting move. Other than that, the build quality is good, but I wouldn't go testing that by putting it in your pocket uncovered or dropping it any distance. I'm even careful setting it down on the table.

My main regret is not getting the 30gb/not waiting for the 60gb version, but overall it's exceeded my expectations considerably. Maybe that's because I'm so pessimistic, but I love the X5L regardless.
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How would you guys rate the Creative Zen DAPs against the iRiver/iAudio players *sound quality*-wise?
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I'm lead to believe its like this:

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how do rio and samsung fit into that list?
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Originally Posted by lopsided
how do rio and samsung fit into that list?
I'm not 100% certain, but I believe Rio are pretty good, on a par with Creative?
I don't know about Samsung?

I made that list of 4 from some personal experience teamed with lots of other peoples opinions.
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this is like asking, "what's the best car?"

everyone has their own opinions and needs.
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Originally Posted by booba View Post

I am buying one this weekend and would like to know your recommendations. I would prefer one that has lots of space and does not skip. A microphone would be ideal as well, price is not a big issue.

So far peeps have recommended;

Ipod Nano

samsung YP-MT6

Creative Zen

Iriver H10

Which is the best player right now, and which is BEST BANG for the BUCK?

I was also told Mp 4 players are soon to be out, is this so and is it worth the wait?

Hifiman Hm601 or hm602 no questions about it! If u only care about the best SQ per dollar/euro thats ur first choice. Check this forum for experiences/reviews..if u want bling bling screens and so forth..look elsewhere..cowon is i think ur best bet then..i used to own one (D2+) also and was very happy with it...and it pairs perfecly unamped with the perfect westone um3x...now.i love .hifiman.i owe a hm602 since a year now..perfectly...and in january the hm801...ouch my purse will hurt like hell...but my new darkvoice 337 and my new hifiman he500 will love him. biggrin.gif
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i would say HM801

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