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Posting this in the lounge because I felt like it covered several areas:

Digital Compact Classics is getting new management. Saw this post from Michael Fremer of Stereophile and wanted to pass it on. Posted with permission of Steve Hoffman.

Hi Michael,

You got a press release? You must mean from Marshall, eh?

Yes, he resigned about two weeks ago from DCC. The new DCC President is Bob Siner. Bob was President of MCA Records back in the 1980s when I worked there.

Siner has high hopes for DCC, and has a great interest in promoting Vinyl and the new hi-rez formats, as well as keeping the 24 karat Gold CD line intact...So Sam Passamano and I are hopeful that he will rake in the money dudes pronto.

Marshall is forming his own "hi-rez" type company, concentrating on DVD-A's and SACD's/stereo & surround...

I'll do work for 'em both....