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Bowie Ziggy Stardust New Release

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Heads Up
7/16 release date for new 30th anniversary limited edition Zigggy Stardust, remastered with bonus CD containing demos, outtakes, and non album material plus enhanced package..........one of the great Cds of the 1970's, see you at Best Buy tomorrow!
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i'll be there as well! always one of my favorite rock songs of all time. i dream of playing that on the guitar, but i'd prefer doing it while not dressed as a woman..
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Got last copy at local Best Buy today, this is beautiful looking package. It is really a CD size hard bound book with 40 pages of very cool photos and info. The graphics on CD are also much cooler, this EMI/Virgin remaster is best sound ever for this classic. The thin hard treble of previous versions has been better balanced with more body added to treble, very good sound now for 1972 rock recording.

Buy this now you fools!..............also someone please buy my old Virgin remaster for sale at half.com
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great news! heading there after work tonight! hopefully they'll still have some.. although i find people in this area to listen exclusively to what i call "****" so i think i have a pretty good chance.
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Whats on the bonus Cd DA?
I thought you would never ask, 12 tracks in total. Ziggy album is the pinnacle of glam-rock........the velvet goldmine.

First two Arnold Corns early acoustic versions before Ziggy album
-moonage daydream
-hang on

Next more acoustic versions
-lady stardust
-ziggy stardust

next you have various non album band material
-john, i'm only dancing
-velvet goldmine
-holy holy

then you have a Chuck Berry rock-a-billy tune
-round and round

then we have
-sweet head
-moonage daydream ( this is an inferior remix of album track for TV commercial)

When you read the 40 page book interesting that Bowie was able to do many vocal tracks in one take. Also very interesting
how Bowie and Mick Ronson collaborated and their great synergy, Bowie would often draw pictures and symbols to illustrate musical direction of song, and Rono would improvise and fill in the pieces.
I want to again repeat this remaster is the best sound ever for this classic CD..........BTW my old copy already sold at half.com.
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wrong thread. ph34r.gif


But I love ziggy stardust btw.

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