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New AKG K601 and K701 coming to HeadRoom - Page 2  

post #16 of 329 wallet is just starting to recover from my E4 and Nano, and this comes out.

However I have an interview on Friday, so if I get a job, might have to celebrate 701 style. LOL.

You know you are a nerd when you celebrate with a round of new headphones. LOL.
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Your not a Nerd

That's the only way to Celebrate with Headphones. I do it all the time. Good luck with the Job interview. Carl
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Just tell them you need new headphones as a signing bonus. That's what I did.
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Can't wait to hear headroom's impressions on the 601/701s I might just have to preorder a 701!!
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Originally Posted by xand1x
I might just have to preorder a 701!!
you know you want to
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I've decided that I'm waiting until I can compare the two [K701 and K340 that is]... it is hard to resist, but Larry has a set of NOS K340's that he's gonna pimp out for me and I know I love those headphones.
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I just ordered the K701 form Mr. Maltese on HeadRoom.

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did you guys get your demo units yet?

any word on your first shipment date? i cant wait to hear these things
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Unfortunately, nothing has arrived yet. The word is they'll send them as soon as possible and I've been assured we'll be the first to get them in the US. I haven't heard any change of ship date yet so I'm hoping they'll be shipping out of here the first week of November.
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I hope someone posts an initial impression of their sound soon, both on the K601 and K701. I need noo cans!
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All this talk about the K601 and K701 is getting me all needlessly hot and bothered, and no one has even been able out forth a decent review on these phones yet! I, too, need some decent home phones, and one of these phones may well serve. In fact, I was just about to pull out my dedit card for the K501 when the news of these coming phones arrived and forced me into a temporary retreat.

I expect Dan Meier to offer a review as he normally does for the phones he thinks highly of. However, all the endless speculation on what they will sound like seems so useless to me. It is very similar to the overhype given to the Senn HD650 and other high profiled phones that arguably failed to live up to their respective hypes. I appreciate the reviews, but I have learned first hand that many Head-fiers don't share my sonic appreciation, with respect to certain sonic characteristics. I will probably require a personal audition before purchase unless one or more of the few precious Head-fiers who's sonic tastes appear to parallel mine go hog-wild over them.

The K501 have a clarity that many phones simply can't deliver. They get critically roasted for their low profile bass, but I have never had the opportunity to audition them with a truly robust amp. I can only hope the new AKG phones are improvements on a classic sound signature.

I should finally be getting my first dedicated amp this week, the LaRoccoAudio Pocket Reference II (PR), a portable amp that reputedly boasts more power than many home amps. and should be able to handle power requirements the new phones demand. After all, the first incarnation of the PR reputedly drove the K1000 to listenable levels, even if it could not drive them to maximum volume.

It would be nice if one of these phones serves as a modern replacement for the Joe Gradp HP1/2 phones and their stellar transparency, but that may be hoping for far too much. (If one of them does replace the HP1/2, that would be one less phone I have to purchase.) It is even less hopeful that the phone might replace the Sony SA5000 and its acclaimed hyperdetail---another phone on my hit list. I really can't expect any one phone to do everything well, but I hope to restrict the number of mid- to high-tiered phones I purchase.

I await the introductory ravings, er, reviews.
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I'm getting excited about this and have never heard the AKG sound. Head-fi fever it is.
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I don't know if I can wait any longer for someone to hear these! I am trying to decide 400 dollar headphones or 400 dollars of parts to make some speakers.

Seriously though, any updates?
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Originally Posted by bjackson
I don't know if I can wait any longer for someone to hear these! I am trying to decide 400 dollar headphones or 400 dollars of parts to make some speakers.

Seriously though, any updates?
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Well, I haven't received any demo units yet

I did get confirmation that Tyll will be bringing both the K601 and K701 to the upcomming Boston and New York head-fi meets. There should be plenty of opinions after that.

Also, I was told that we're still on time for production delivery so we will hopefully be shipping in the first half of November.

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