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War Rock beta - 5.5/10. Not the best graphics, some annoying little design flaws, but can be lots of fun in the right server. Sorta like the Battlefield series but a little less serious.

Enemy Territory - 10/10.

Rainbow Six Vegas - 8/10. Insane graphics, brings my 7900gtx to it's knees. Gameplay good for the most part, but gets a bit boring after a while. Good game to play maybe half an hour a day.
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I stopped gaming completely since I think it just not worth the time.

Games that I played and liked a lot are: (these ratings are not over the top. They are exactly how I think about the game)

Starcraft: (10/10)
Without so much doubt one of the best games ever made. Great graphics and gameplay. A game which is most likely more balanced than any other real time strategy game ever made. If any game deserves a 10 this is the one.

Quake(1/2/3): (9/10) (Netquake/ Rocket Arena/ Defrag/ CPMA)
The quake series has been fun to play and quake 3 still is a great game. It is too bad that quake 4 is not good at all.

Warcraft(1/2/3/TFT): (8/10)
Great games. All of them. In warcraft 3 the multiplayer aspect was great. It will however never be something like SC used to be.

Dota(ums in wc3): (7/10)
Needs a lot of developing still but it is getting bigger and bigger. And please don't tell me DotA is a game for people that are not skilled enough to play regular wc3. If you think so you should try and enter some games where people are more skilled. (no pubs)

Now for some classics: (you will need DOSbox or another emulator if you want to play them)

Monkey Island I & II: (9.5/10)
A great and funny adventure game which has been made more than 10 years ago. If I would play it again I am sure I would like it again. Awesome graphics considering the time it was made.

Simon The Sorcerer: (9.5/10)
Another game, very much alike Monkey Island. You play a young boy who ends up in another world.

Final Fantasy: (8.5/10)
On average the FF series was really good. I enjoyed played the first part a lot when it first came out. Now, however the first game is really boring and will take up a lot of your time where you will be wondering why you are even playing this game.

Dune(1/2): (8/10) (you should really read the book)
The first part was great. Even more so than the second part which was a real time strategy game. (the first one was an adventure game) I played this for way too long.

Keen: (7/10)
Well... It had to be on this list. There is no way around it if you have CK as your avatar. This game is great for kids. I really enjoyed it as a kid. Now there are better games available in the same genre.

The list goes on and on. And so does the time. I think I mentioned the best games out there. (according to me) Please do not pm me if you disagree.
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OBLIIVION (9/10) Highly addictive
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Recently what i've been playing:

Rainbow Six: Vegas (PC) - 8.7/10 really fun, kinda hard at some points, and looks good... however it's pretty poorly coded IMO. it should definitely run better than it does...

Flatout 2 (PC) - 8.4/10 looks great, coded amazingly, extremely addicting and fast paced. however, it has about 4 different levels with paths blocked off/opened/reversed... gets pretty boring as far as scenery goes.

CS 1.6 (PC) - 9.5/10 definitely a classic... awesome gameplay, shoddy graphics (old, i know... but i don't really care for graphics anyway in this game)

Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii) - 9/10 really fun and sucks you into the story... graphics are good (for the wii). REALLY long story keeps it entertaining

Wii Sports (Wii) - 9.4/10 great party game, very intuitive and well done. playing with others is what keeps me coming back

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves (Wii) - 8/10 crazy game, great use of wii remote, fun multiplayer modes, but very short story. beat it in a couple hours
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Originally Posted by Edwood View Post
I've been on a retro kick lately.

Been playing The Ur-Quan Masters, a remix of sorts for Star Control II.


LOL, oh boy it takes me back, I am happy *campers*.

That is the BEST game ever made.

its not really a remix, just a port (and release of the source code) of the 3D0 version. Though there are some add-ons like new sounds/music.

I keep my 3D0 hooked up primarily for Star Control II (and a few other gems as well).

Several Million/10 (anyone who disagrees gets thrown in the furnace to fuel my Druuge Mauler)
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The games I'm actively playing right now (not many mind you):

Battlefield 2 ~ 9.5/10 - I play this game so addictively, it would be criminal to give it anything less, even with all its flaws.

Battlefield 2142 ~ 8.0/10 - It's defintiely a good game and a nice step forward in the BF world, but in all honestly I just can't be bothered to play something that is essentialy BF2 with a few extras added on. Still a great game though, especially for newcomers.

TES IV: Oblivion ~ 9.0/10 - Admittantly I'm an rpg noob and this is probably the first proper rpg I've played but everything about it has impressed me immensely; the sheer scale, the level of detail, level of interaction, the combat system etc it's just one mammoth of a gaming experience. It's also easy to get into and levels quite nicely as you gain experience which is great if you happen to be a noob to the genre (like me ). My only problem with games of this type in general is the amount of time you need to put into them to make any real progress, which isn't always feasible.

Rainbow Six Vegas ~ 8.0/10 - Excellent, action packed single player campaign with gorgeous and truely cinematic graphics, very different from RvS, but great in its own way. Let down by crap console to PC porting and absurd performance issues; how typical . That said I'm still holding out for a proper RvS sequel made first and foremost for the PC.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory ~ 8.5/10 - A great addition to the splinter cell series, following in the same vein as the previous title but improving everything at the same time. The graphics are also incredibly sweet with very fluid framerates even at maximum details ... yeah you guessed it, developed natively for the PC. Its the only reason I haven't aquired Double Agent yet; seriously, whats up with Ubisoft these days?

Company Of Heroes ~ 9.0/10 - You've probably already seen all the 90%+ reviews for this already. Easily one of the best RTS games I've played in ages; truly in a class of its own. That said, its difficult and relies heavily on strategy and "multitasking" orientated gameplay tactics.

Apart from that I've replayed through Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, Condemned: Criminal Origins, Doom 3, HL2: Episode 1, GRAW, Farcry, AOE III. All fantastic games and highly recommended. Currently looking forward to Supreme Commander, S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Crysis, Armed Assault.
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Day of Defeat (PC)- similar to CS, 9/10 (counter strike being the 10/10 : ))
I'm actually starting to like it better, i prefer the semi shot rifles over the burst/auto rifles of CS.
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Starcraft: 9.8/10 - It can get boring at times... However, this is probably one of the greatest and balanced game ever made! Blizzard did a GREAT job creating this game! The micro and macro involved is really packed with action. It is definitely harder than a FPS game. Anyone who wants to play with me give me a PM! =]

Counter-Strike: 9.5/10 - One of my favorites. I started playing this when I was around 10 and I stopped playing Dec 2005. It got boring after a while.

Maplestory: 8.2/10 - Well, I don't know what to really say about this game. It gets fun later on in the game... It is based on grinding and that gets very boring really fast. Took me 7 months to get to a Level 35 Bandit due to quitting...

World of Warcraft: 9/10 - I don't play this as much before, but I can say this is my favorite MMORPG!

Battlefield 2: 9.5/10 - I haven't played this a lot because I don't actually have it. I tried it at my friend's house and it was stunning! The graphics are great and the gameplay is even better! I really want this game!

Gunz: The Duel 8.6/10 - Again, another repetitive game! I don't know what is with me with repetitive games, but I really liked this one - for a while. I liked the uniqueness of "K-Style" and the skill involved in this game. It did some damage to my keyboard though :P.

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne 8.9/10 - I didn't play the real game of this, I only played the "custom games." All the custom games were unique and fun in their own way! My favorite custom games were the RPG's, FF Open RPG and COT RPG!

Well, thats all the games I really liked and played for a while... Anyone who wants to play a 1v1 or 2v2 in Starcraft: Brood War with me, please PM me! I really want to play with someone from Head-Fi!!! =]
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Any of you CS players have an opinion on 1.6 vs. Source? Just noticed alot of source players here, and personally iv'e only played 1.6
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Source is nothing but just better graphics. There is no point to spend more money for source. Just better graphics. Also, I liked CS 1.6 more because of the simplicity of the maps and Source constant gave me headaches...
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Oh alright then. I guess i'll stick with 1.6.
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Oh alright then. I guess i'll stick with 1.6.
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yeah, you're probably better off with it if you don't have a good graphics card and 1GB+ ram.
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to those bf2 and bf2142 players, just wondering when you guys got into the series, and why you prefer the edition you play, my personal ranking goes as follows

1. BF1942 12/10 - truely ground breaking, back in the days of the demo i was happily addicted to wake island, the full version could have been that one map and i would have been happy to drop 50 bucks on it, yeah, it was that good

2. 2142 9/10 - fun stuff, has some of that x factor that the original had, not overly realistic and just plain addicting

3. vietnam 8/10 - felt to much like it was trying to just be the original with a few additions, still a solid game, but just lacked some of that x factor the original had

4. bf2 7.5/10 - yep, this ones at the bottom of the pile for me, doesn't really shock me, as i never really got into desert combat, but it was still fun, i can't really explain it, because the gameplay was still good, graphics were good, just didn't have that something 1942 had, but i think my original rating was a little harsh, its a good game, just not great like '42

yeah, like many sequals, the 3 additions to the battlefield namesake have failed to capture the enjoyment of the original, their all solid games, none of them grabbed me like the original did, some of my fondest gaming memories are from 1942, ahh the 24 hours at omaha, the countless matches with frag, steak and wisconsin death trip, good times, good times
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