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I've been playing the Demo of "Peter Jacksons" King Kong. I'd never pay any money for this title because the game play is pretty stupid, mostly button mashing. But man, this thing is pretty! When I first loaded it up I thought that I was looking at a cut scene... not the game! Anyway, I'd give it 5/5 (for the first 10 minutes) and 1/5 (for the rest of the time you waste on its pointless gameplay). Lets call it 2/5 then!
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Just finished Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on gamecube, and I'm really bored atm so...

Reading the online reviews everyone seems to think this game is near-perfect, but I don't agree. Don't get me wrong, it's an okay game, but in this day and age it doesn't give much of a wow factor. The story starts off interesting, but never really gets better. The gameplay is almost the same as the older zeldas, which IMO is not a good thing. You get some interesting weapons, but you'll rarely need them much after leaving the dungeon you find them in. (which btw are noticeably lengthy, but suffer from repetition) Fighting is neither very fun nor intuitive. Graphically, the game is pretty damn nice, but there is a noticeable lack of color variety. All your old hyrule friends have been given upgraded models, hyrule field is huge but empty and unvaried, and the towns/castle are small and fairly bleh. (in design) The bosses are the only real treat, they're relatively cool if not a little too easy. You'll basically be playing just to get from boss to boss, with everything else seemingly just filler. I got the point where I didn't even care to finish, but I rented the game so I decided what the hell.

Overall, TP is alright. if you're one of those old-school zelda fans afraid they'll change the formula and bastardize your green buddy, then worry not. (My first zelda was LoP) If you're a guy like me whose played any of the great action/puzzle/rpg titles in the past year, you're probably not gonna be blown away.

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Gears of War - xbox 360.

My favorite FPS at the moment...I guess technically it's third person. I really like that it's a "stop and pop" kind of game instead of the typical "run and gun" FPS. Taking cover is vital to survival. More realistic, IMO.

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I tried playing Fatal Frame, but I don't think I can handle it. And I've played Silent Hill 2 and RE4. FF is a whole different ballgame.
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Legend Of Zelda, Twilight Princess (Wii version).

It is a masterpiece.

No other games currently matter.
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Im not too much on gaming and online gaming, with the only exceptions being ones heavily dependant on teamwork. BF2 and DOD|S(only good servers with the usual guys who are resident there) are very social games that I play online, and are nice in that they dont reward those with fraction/second reflexes or like 100fps video cards, but those who play well with others, who can cooperate, and that in my book makes a fun action online game.

DOD|S 10/10
BF2 9/10
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I've been playing WoW (world of warcraft) since 2 days after its release... Still addicted

- Loads of beautiful (and customisable) graphics,
- fluid movements,
- highly efficient and customisable user interface,
- good artificial intelligence (for monsters),
- LOTS OF PATCHES (god, we're at 1.21 right now, at least),
- Big big big big big world (takes at least 2 hours to go though one of the 2 continents (not outlands) in a straigth line running, and you have seen about 1/3 of the map, so it takes at least 10 hours to go and see everything, plus all the dungeons...),
- all the interactive stuff and game implements (groups, raids, guilds...),
- good background sound overall,
- You always have something to do (quest, raids, group dungeons, pvp, level your alt, chat, grind mobs...)
- Patches don't just fix glitches but also add some new stuff to the game (in fact, there were 6 lvl 60 raid dungeons that were added prior to TBC (Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Zul'gurub, Ruins of Ahn'qiraj, Temple of Ahn'qiraj, Naxxramas), pvp battlegrounds, LOTS of new items, always new quests...)

And the game itself is pretty nice also...................

The only downpoint is the monthly fee (17USD), but I split the costs with my brother so it's better for both of us.

But for such a great game it's not that much.

My rating : 9.99/10

And not to talk about TBC...
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Originally Posted by trains are bad View Post
I tried playing Fatal Frame, but I don't think I can handle it. And I've played Silent Hill 2 and RE4. FF is a whole different ballgame.
Don't like it, or too scary? I love all the Fatal Frame games (especially II) so very much, they're awesome at night w/ the lights out.

Currently trying to play Devil May Cry, but getting very frusturated w/ the save system and camera angles.
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Call Of Duty 2 : 9/10
Battlefield 2142 : 7/10
Doom II : 10/10 !
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Excite truck- Wii- 8/10
Not a realistic game, but fun nevertheless. I'm more of a fan of sim's like GT4. Controls are the best of the racing wii games.

NFS carbon, WIi- 5/10
DOn't like the controls at all. Not very responsive compared to excite truck.

Red Steel-WII 9/10
Probably my favorite wii game. Not the best controls (very sensitvie, hard to aim) but still fun, especially multiplayer.

Tony Hawk Downhill, WII- 6/10
Just got this game so I haven't played it much, not great but i'm a downhill skateboarder so I decided to try it.

Wii Sports- 8/10
FUn multiplayer! Get's boring after awhile, but great for free and alot of variety.

SPlinter CEll WII- 3/10
I really don't like the controls. Hardly even played it.

And my most played game currently....
Ridge Racer 2, psp 10/10
One of my favorite games right now. Great graphics on the psp, not really realistic as you drift around pretty much every corner and never use the brakes, but I like it.

Yea I've been playing alot of wii since christmas : ). My "reviews" are very brief so if anyone wants more info you can pm me.
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OH yea, not sure if this counts but I play alot of Counter Strike (PC)

; )

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I've mostly been playing Live arcade games on the 360 lately. I grew bored with Gears of War. I got to the last battle, tried about 40 times to beat the last boss, and gave up. Haven't played it since. I occasionally dabble back into Oblivion...I have over 200 hours into that game. I haven't bought nearly as many 360 games as I did XBOX games....I'm more picky than I used to be.
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Back to DoTA. I'd give it a 9/10.
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1) dota 10/10

2) dota 10/10

3) dota 10/10

4) dota 10/10

5) dota 10/10

6) real life 9/10
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Black: 9/10 fun in a shoot everything that exists kind of way, good to blow off steam after finals.

Fifa world cup 06- 9/10 turbo mode with no infringements and invisible walls is awesome.
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