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Originally Posted by amigomatt View Post

Assetto Corsa - 10/10.  this is the best pure driving simulator I've ever played.  There's no hype, music, BS, just pure driving.  The cars can be set up with varying degrees of control from full assists to stock configuration with full damage wear and no assists.  I'm using a Logitech G25 wheel, playing out on a 2560x1440 monitor overclocked to 120hz with a core i7 3820, 16GB RAM and a Tri-x Radeon R9 290.  This is the definitive driving simulator for PC in my opinion.  I can't wait for Project C.A.R.S.  It's got alot to live up to to come anywhere near this, especially in the handling.


I also really like how Assetto Corsa isn't fixated on one type of car, like many other racing simulators are.  It has all kinds.  Project C.A.R.S. will be more expansive, but less realistic most likely.

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Played some Project CARS today. I won't pass final judgment as the game is still in development but it is pretty good. Of course, still has bugs and things that need work, especially physics but the handling feels pretty good. The biggest difference from Assetto Corsa is probably the sense of speed, which is a lot better in project cars.The weather changes are great and the graphics amaze at times but the the devs should definitely work on the anti-aliasing - might be selfish of me in regard to the people who don't own nvidia cards but I think the game will look stunning if they add TXAA.


edit: played some more with some formula bolids and I have to say project cars is quite fun to play and I love the helmet view.

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Btw, just installed the new nvidia drivers that allow nvidia cards other than the 900 series to use the dynamic super resolution feature and have to admit it's kinda handy - easy to use and revert back.

edit: it almost kinda fixes the AA isues with current game like the evil within and shadow of mordor

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Haven't played AC in some time so I really need to get back to it and get some laps under my belt now that my DK2 has arrived. For me the big draw point of AC is mod support, something that makes a decent game into an awesome one.


PCARS has been chewing through a bit of my time of the last few months, the game is definitely coming along nicely (handling model is mostly predictable on the further developed cars, FFB through the wheel is very nice. Gamepad controls still needs some tweaking as it just doesn’t feel right (mind you it feels even worse on AC) and I can’t seem to get a good balance.


Pretty happy that they decided to delay the game to next year as in its current state, it still needs a fair bit of work to get it to what I would consider an acceptable level for retail.

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Originally Posted by Phishin Phool View Post

For me it is the community that dies. Plenty of games I would love to play for years if the community stays strong. One that goes for years though without fail is Starcraft and most MOBA or MMORPG.

I play Starcraft broodwar very little nowdays, but I used to play it a lot (even competitively at some point), but the community usually sticks with good games.

I think you can still find Unreal Original servers, even private ones.

A game I liked to play a lot was Summoner online but THQ killed the servers long ago.

Unless there are NO servers, games can still be played (and lucky for me, some of the best games still got LAN support).

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