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Review: Oritek X-1 cable

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I've moved on to Nordost cables.

The review is put away.
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Nice impressions, sounds very interesting. I wonder if he would be up for making custom cables? I've been eyeing some plastic LEMO connectors that Rick turned me on to.
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Yeah, I saw that after asking you... I think that with my powers of persuasion I might be able to get him to budge though. Can't hurt to try.
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Now it's time to really go over to the darkside and start experimenting with power cords!
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Sounded interesting and as I've got another pair of UR cables on the way for a listen, I thought about doing a comparison with the X-1. Maybe I'm just in a sour mood today but when a dealer/manufacturer tries to charge a 3% paypal fee....well, that just ticks me off. I know folks here have discussed this before so I won't sound off on my opinions but sometimes I wish someone would just turn folks into Paypal for doing this.

For the record, yes, I did at one time do this UNTIL I found out it was against the rules. Now I won't do that anymore. So while the X-1 might be the cats meow, I'll pass on this principle. Sorry for the rant and thread crap. Just had to get it off my chest.
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After voicing my complaints about the practice of charging a surcharge for folks using Paypal as a payment method, I received the following reply from the manufacturer. I am not aware of a change in the Paypal policy but have asked them for clarification so I can be fair about my comments. If there has been a change in the policy, I will post those comments on this board and hold my tongue. I will also issue a public apology for my previous post.....IF that is, indeed, a change in the Paypal policy.

Again, I'm not trying to crap this thread but I have been asked to post the reply I received from the manufacturer since he is not a registered user. If it does not violate board rules or offend the original poster, I will do so. If this is contrary to either a mod or that poster, I will edit/delete it but it seems like a fair request so without further comment, here is the reply:

Good morning, Ken.

I understand there was a change in rules.
At the time, the only requirement was that you won't charge more for
Paypal unless you charge more for similar services, such as credit
card services.

For a starter, I also accept the following:

(1) a personal check from a US bank.
(2) postal money order, cost to you is 90 cents in the US.
(3) bank check.
(4) Western Union money order.

Now to the issue of Paypal fees.
Based on what might have been the previous rules, not only I charge for
Paypal, but also for wire transfers. Those fees can be as high as $25,
depending on the sourcing bank.
Nevertheless, I will check Paypal rules and adjust as required.

There are two philosophies in business to offset costs.
One is to set the price higher in a way that covers the "average"
transaction fee overhead. In my type of business - direct sales to
consumers - Paypal just happens to be the most popular method of
If their overhead is $6 for a $199 pair of X-1 cables, then I have to
assume that overhead in the basic price.
That is the bottom line for any viable business.

I prefered to go with the second and more straight-forward approach:
Price the cables at what I feel is fair - or more than fair. Then give
you - the customer - a choice. You can save yourself a few bucks by
the other payment methods.

Now, you might say, how cheap to worry about $6...
My rebuttal is very simple. If the X-1 had to be priced by the cost of
labor and materials, it should have been priced at least at $299 or
$399, by common market standards.
I'm not the only one, but I am among the few manufacturer that chose to
price their cables at a sane level rather than by common marketing
standards. With that I give you several options of payment.
I think this is not greedy or an outlaw trying to squeeze from you
more for nothing.

In the end, it's a free market and you can buy another product, based
on whatever logic you may have. Perhaps I should have been clearer
on pricing, but I honestly thought that at my prices, people would
understand "overhead".
I'll be glad to waiver all fees when my cables would sell for 6 to 10
times the manufacturing costs...

I also read that you have considered buying a pair to try. I do offer
a two-week money back and only charge $10 for the hassle plus the
Bottom line, if you are in the US it will cost you about $30 to try the
X-1, even if you don't have a real intention of buying it. Some people
state that up front and I still honor the offer to audition the X-1.
BTW, in that case, the partial refund would also refund Paypal fees...

I'm aware of the postings on head-fi but I'm still not registered and
tried to stay away from commenting about my products on public forums.
I'd appreciate if you post my response up to this parapgraph - unedited
please! - if you think it makes sense.
If not, I will probably register, just to respond to your comments.
They imply a lot of negativity, which I resent.
You don't have to post this paragraph or below, which is intended to
you more than to the general audience.
I feel very much offended by the whole "line of questioning", when all
I've done is put out a quality product at an affordable price.
My other products might be more expensive than the X-1, but each and
every one of them would be priced in a similar manner. My price is
dictated by cost of business and is in line with value - not at what
the market will bear.
I believe that is the most you can ask from any honest manufacturer!


Oritek Audio
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Originally Posted by markl
Now it's time to really go over to the darkside and start experimenting with power cords!
The terrible thing is I'm not satisfied with Shunyata power cords or at least the ones priced within what I'm willing to fork over and Oritek has plans for a power cord!

Originally Posted by KenW
Again, I'm not trying to crap this thread but I have been asked to post the reply I received from the manufacturer since he is not a registered user. If it does not violate board rules or offend the original poster, I will do so.
No problems with me Ken. I happen to be a grumbler myself and will point out things that bother me however fair or unfair they are. Just to get it off my chest. Ironically my complaining had my accidently arrive at the X-1, and the end of complaints in one area. Say what you feel Ken. If you try the cables and don't like them, say so. I don't think any item can be to everyone's taste. There are Grado and Sennheiser camps, lovers and haters of Naim or McIntosh, same with cables. The X-1 blew my mind but may be wrong for another?
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Thanks for being so kind. Guess I've done more than my share of stepping on toes lately and I certainly didn't want to offend you or cross a line with the mods. If I got kicked off, how could I ever satisfy my lust for gear!!!
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I happen to be a grumbler myself...
Surely you jest!
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Well, I got clarification from Paypal on the practice of merchants or individuals asking for a 3% fee to cover the paypal fees. This is the reply I just received:

Dear Ken,

Thank you for contacting PayPal. We apologize for the delay in responding
to your service request.

You are correct. This would be a violation of our User Agreement. If
you witness this being done online, please feel free to forward us the
sellers information, so that we may warn the seller.

Thank you for using PayPal for your online payment needs.

PayPal Community Support
PayPal, an eBay Company
Personally, when I found that this "surcharge" might violate the rules, I stopped asking for it. Now that it's been confirmed, I stand by my decision not to ask for it or do business with someone who does. Folks are free to do as they want but that's my position. FWIW, Ori has been a true gentleman about this and frankly, I would not hesistate to do business with such a class individual. Some would have pitched a hissy fit about my comments but he took a much higher road. Refreshing!!!
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