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Bought Grado accessories from him. Shipped quickly, easy transaction. Thanks much!
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James purchased my HD650/Cardas combo. A real smooth transaction with excellent follow-though. Very prompt payment and excellent communication. I can recommend James most highly.
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james traded his rs1 for my gs1k. transaction went as smooth as it gets, so i can heartly recommend to anyone doing business with him. thanks again james.
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Sold him a pair of dt 770s. Smooth Transaction, would easily deal with again.
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Bought 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. Superb quality, professional build. Would DEFINATELY do business with again. Thanks a lot man!

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Another great trade with James. He is number one in my book. Thanks again James.
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I bought a pair of headphones from James, we met up in the real world, and everything went smooth as can be. He's a class act head-fier for sure!
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Bought a pair of Carda cables from James. They came fast and very well packaged. Excellent person to deal with!

Thanks James.
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Bought Beyer DT770 w/ Cardas recabled phone from James and it is exactly as he described. Arrived all the way to Hawaii safe and sound. Thanks.
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Repeat transaction with cantsleep, this time for a short mini-mini and a 1/4" to 1/8" cable. Can't go wrong when dealing with James, he does real good work.
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Great Cable

Bought a straight to right angle mini to mini cable from cantsleep, was not a believer in cables making a difference, he has now proven me wrong, this cable is awesome. Look foward to doing business with him again.
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James sent me his home built 6" silver plated copper wire in exchange for a head-fi donation.

Thanks for the generosity James, I will be sure to pass it on!

- Dan
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sold my emu 404 to cantsleep. He paid immediately and was a pleasure to deal with.
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Sold a pair of Alessandro MS2i headphones to Cantsleep. He paid promptly and was very forgiving of a mistake of mine on the product description. He subsequently sold me a P-S adapter cable built to my specifications that was absolutely top-notch in quality and workmanship. I look forward to doing business with him again!
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Bough the RS1 from James, yeah. Great guy to have business with. Smooth and nice, like the RS1 sound. Anytime again, highly recommended!

THX and take care
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