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I bought 2 pairs of RCA cables from James. He shipped right away, cables are nicely built, it was a flawless transaction.
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2nd nice deal

Traded a pair of headphones for his video iPod. Nice shape, well packed, and with some music pre-loaded. Another easy and great deal, thanks!
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James rocks!

I bought his custom 48" replacement cable. He had it my hands in about 48 hours ... on a weekend! And what a fine product;-)

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purchased 2 new pairs of hd414 pads they were in exact condition as stated and were shipped super fast. highly recommended, thanks again!
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sold James my ATH CM7's. he paid fast and was easy to deal with. great asset to head-fi
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Another successful purchase from James - this time some headphile cable.

Thanks James!
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Just bought Recabled Beyer DT880 cans from James. Transaction was smooth and flawless. Thanks James.
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Traded a pair of headphones for one of James' Recabled DT-880's (an 05 version). Great to deal with and really nice workmanship. They sound terrific. Thanks James

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Need I say more?


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I cased up a Millet Hybrid for James. He payed instantly and was very easy to work with.

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Almighty maker of great cables!

Everything as promissed at great value. Fast delivery and great communication.
Very recommended seller. Would do business with again.
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Superb seller--great communicator, shipped immediately, and a generous heart. I will definitely do business with James again!
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Traded my 06 DT880(his originally) for James' MS-2i. The man delivered, super fast! Highly recommended. Thanks James.
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James re-cabled my K81DJs. responded to PMs quite quickly, and a fantastic recable to boot. overall excellent job! cheers!
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I bought a Corda HA-1 MK2 and a mini/RCA IC from James. He shipped them out very quickly and was very prompt in responding to my PM's. James is a really great guy and is an absolute pleasure to do business with!
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