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Perfect buyer, fast payment, a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended. Thanks James!
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cantsleep made me an extension cable and it kicks *****! He is quite a craftsman and a prompt shipper. I highly recommend you get one of his cables!
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cantsleep send me a grado cable and adapter - an ideal transaction with ultra rapid shipping - thanks!
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I bought some rca IC's from cantsleep. Every thing was perfect. Shipping was fast, communication..good and the price was right.

Thank you
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Another great feedback. Got a 200-ohm 1/4" M-F adapter cable from cantsleep. VERY nice quality, and made and shipped quickly. Great communication in asking what options I wanted for the cable, too.

This will go very well with my low-impedence phones and my (replacement for broken) Lunch Box amp.

Recommended highly!

EDIT: it is a day later, and I received my replacemet lunch box amp. I played it driving some Beyer DT250-80's plain, then added the adapter from cantsleep. Made a nice difference in solidity of sound, and there was no loss of audio quality at all. Nicely done!
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James made me a IC for quite a bargain!
High quality service and item.

He knew I was young and still in high school so he gave me a cheap price for an interconnect and made it as soon as I said yes.

Flawless transaction and unbelievable kindness.

Thanks again, James!

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Bought some cables from James. They arrived quick and in great condition. Friendly and prompt communication throughout the transaction. I would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks, James!
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I have bought three interconnects from James in the past couple of weeks. All look and sound great and shipped quickly. All around a great person to deal with.
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James is a good communicator and he shipped the cable I bought from him the next day my Paypal was sent (at 10pm.) I will buy from him again.
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I bought headphones from James. Great communications and excellent packing. I would not hesitate to do business with james again.
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Bought the cardas cable from James. Great guy, very communicative, fast delivery. Would not hesitate for a second to go for another deal with him!
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Bought two mini to mini interconnects from James. They were very well made and he shipped them promptly. Great cable maker.
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Purchased some Senn Woodies from James.....Great transaction and they're in excellent condition. I would definitely do business with James again.
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Great Guy!

I bought 2 pairs of RCA cables from James. He was very prompt and courteous in his replies, and even included a free pair of recabled of KSC75s with the cables.

Thank you very much, James!

I would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Bought SR80s off James. He was quick to respond to my questions and to ship. The headphones came fantastically packaged and in perfect condition. Would definitely buy something off him again!! Thanks James !!
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