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Cantsleep sell me a pair of Gardo SR60
Fast shipping Great response
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James broke my head-fi cherry with my very first purchase and I couldn't be happier! He said his DT880's were in good condition but they're practically mint.
Thanks, James!
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Very smooth transaction with cantsleep - good communication, fast payment - a model buyer. Also, he was very flexible with some shipping delays on my end. Pleasure to deal with.
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I bought a pair of Headphile woodies for the Senn 650's from cantsleep. Boy are they beautiful. Cantsleep couldn't have been cooler to deal with. Shipped them right out, sent me a tracking number, packed them really well, great communication. I highly recomment cantsleep!
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I bought a pair of RCA/RCA Blackmax from James (Cantsleep). He answered to my pm quickly and in 2 hours from the initial post the sales was concluded. He shipped it the day after and I got them quickly.
This was my first buy to a headfier and a very nice experience.
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Made a trade with James in person and everything was as promised.
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Perfect transaction with cantsleep, very satisfied doing business with you.
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i purchased cpads from cantsleep. Everything arrived as promised in good condition. Recommended.
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Sold James a Cardas cable for his Senn's.
Reponse to emails was quick.
"Instant" payment via PayPal.
Positive experience throughout.
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bought a pair of ms2 modded sr225s from james. great transaction. only negative was, i could hardly get them out of the box due to the ridiculous amount of tape i would deal with him again w/out hesistance
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Very Satisfied

Just recieved the sennhieser 580s i bought just last thursday, packaged very nice!!! Quick shipping great communication

Great Doing Business with you

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Purchased a pair of HD414 earpads off James. I don't know what to say other than that it was the fastest shipping evar (Cali to Mass in 2 days!). I would definitely buy from him again.
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I bought three interconnects from James along with a Sennheiser HD650 replacement cable and the whole process was very smooth and professional, he gave me really good deals on the cables and had them shipped all the way to Oahu in just a few days. I look forward to doing business with him again some time.

Thanks for a smooth sale and Aloha from Hawaii, David
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another great transaction with james. highly recommended
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I bought some cables and connectors from James (Cantsleep) in the perpective to do my first DIY cable. An other great transaction, very easy to deal with and very helpfull when answering by email.
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