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I bought a mini to mini cable. Arrived in Australia as expected.

Good to deal with. Prices are fine and communication is top notch.
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James safely shipped me his Darkvoice 336i. A very smooth transaction. James continues to be a reliable, speedy, and friendly seller. Make no hesitation in your dealings with him!
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bought a rca-> mini from dis guy. good guy.

seriously, quick shipping, great product, love the non-techflex design.
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Everything is great. Thanks James!
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He recabled my DT880s. Very Professional Job. Reasonable Price. Phones Sound Great. And I had my phones back before I even had a chance to miss them.

Thanks James. Pleasure.
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Bought a mini to RCA from cantsleep. Cable sounds great and shipping was fast. Cheers.
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cantsleep (James) did it again and outdid himself with the latest cable he made for me! It's a (silver-hybrid) mini-to-mini with Switchcraft rt.< pins. It's not only beautiful, it has just replaced my all-time favorite cable (an RnB) and will forever link my Tomahawk to a vintage PCDP because it looks/sounds so darn good! Thanks, James. Any Head-Fier who has not had a custom cable built to spec by cantsleep is truly missing out on one of this forums best-kept secrets. zD
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This time I sold a headphone to James. Super fast payment and prompt responses made for a smooth deal.
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bought an ipod shuffle from james and couldn't be happier of how the transaction went and the entire purchase. thanks again!
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James bought the last of the APureSound HD-1's. Lucky #13.

James is a great guy to deal with. Payment is as always very prompt. Make good use of my DAC and enjoy!

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james bought my ksc35 and paid right away. a great head-fier to deal with and an asset to this community. don't hesitate to deal with him!
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I bought a 200 Ohm adapter with 1/8" plugs from James. Neutrik connectors, correct lenght, beautiful high quality silver wires... all just stunning, and best of all, so is the sound

Transaction was very smooth, communication friendly and very helpful and the packaging was so secure I needed 5 minutes to get it open myself!

Would definitely do business with Cantsleep again and highly recommend this outstanding Head-Fier (just check out the current give-away grado + Cantsleep silver cable thread) to anyone here!
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James bought a DIY amp/dac from me. He was super to deal with and worked with me throughout the process even when I had to correct an issue with the amp.

Happy listening!
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I bought a pair of Alessandro MS2i recbled with Cardas.Communication was very nice, helpfull and friendly.
The item was packed very very well....and fast shipping.
I am very satisfied.

thank you.
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Bought 5 ft. Cardas cable from James...great communication and he's very helpful...awaiting arrival...I'll leave more comments when the item arrives
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