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K81DJ recabled with headphile cable + mini-mini interconnect

Sent my pair of K81DJ's for a recable, and as usual, the work done is beautiful. The mini-mini is the perfect length and looks great. I would definitely recommend him for any custom recable or interconnects. Thanks again.

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Bought a couple of custom cables and had my grado recabled by James. He gave me some good sound advice and was very patient when I changed my mind a couple of times. Communication was excellent/responding to pm's quickly. Definitely a pleasure to deal with. The cables look beautiful (in a manly sort of way) - Thanks James!
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I bought a DIY cable from James.

It was a very smooth and easy transaction. The cable is wonderful.

It is a mini-to-mini IC of about 8 inches total. The connectors are Switchcraft right-angle connectors, and the wire is solid silver wire from Sleeving is multifilament sleeving, which feels very durable. The sleeving is held to the connectors with high-grade shrink wrap.

Overall, the build quality is high.

I am very satisfied with this cable, and I feel that I got a better deal buying from James than I would have gotten if I'd bought a mass-manufactured cable.

James told me that it would take a week to get the parts, and a week to ship. But, he shipped the cable only the day after I requested it. It only took 4 business days to get to me. So, he is a FAST shipper too!

James is also very quick about responding to PMs, and he provides useful information.


I will edit this post with information about how it sounds when I get an amp.

Thank you, James!
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Bought a DIY mini-to-mini from James. He ships fast. Thanks James.
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Bought a DIY mini to mini from James. Very nice cable. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but look forward to trying it out.

thanks James
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I bought a 3" mini-mini IC from James. The transaction was super smooth, and the cable was shipped quickly. Build quality is great, and it sounds wonderful. I definitely would not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Bought an extension cable from him. Very good communication and prompt shipping. Would deal with again.
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James sold his leftover wires and various paraphenelia from his DIY IC enterprise.

Surprising lot of wires, should be able to make a nice IC, or more.

Thanks, James, you were more than generous!
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James bought my HD 555 and paid promptly! Great Headfier
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James bought a headphone and amp from me along with some other things. This transaction just like all the rest went flawlessly. Great guy with great communication. I hope you enjoy the setup as much as I did.

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great seller of an amp to me good friend.
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James sold me a couple of custom mini-mini cables. Fair price, good communication and quick shipping. A smooth deal.
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Originally Posted by Jeff E View Post
James sold me a couple of custom mini-mini cables. Fair price, good communication and quick shipping. A smooth deal.
Same here! Transaction was very smooth and he is very willing to negotiate. Awesome head-fi'er/seller!
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I got a couple min-mini cables today from James.
Excellent cables!!!!
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i bought a E-mu 0404 soundcard from Cantsleep, nice and easy no trouble. Thank you once again.
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