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Originally Posted by RogerWilco
I meant for the zhaolu.

It will be interesting to see how well it works in this circuit.

I havent been keeping up to date on the Zhaolu 1794 situation, but weren't there technical problems with getting it running in a 2.0, and that it was been held off till 3.0?

Or was this just rumour or conjecture???
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Originally Posted by Sean H View Post
I work with a guy who is Chinese-American and he's been translating some of this stuff for me.

The tube unit in earlier posts is basically a tube USB DAC with a headphone output. It's a BB PCM-2702 USB DAC converter. It uses two 6N8P tubes in the analog stage. The headphone amp section uses two OPA2134 opamps and the signal it receives is AFTER the tubes, so this is kind of a tube/hybrid headphone amp section. The opamps are socketed. I see Nichicon, Rubycon and Wima type parts.
Do you happen to know how the RCS outputs are wired? Opamps, too?
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Will the Audigy 2 ZS do bit-perfect playback with the Zhaolu DAC? And will it also be a good match for an unamped HD595? I will amp it later, possibly with the Canamp. Thanks
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Hello !

Everyone's asleep ?

Has anybody feedback on the SUPER Pro DAC 707 ?
Thank you,
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Hello to revive an old thread for information! I have a question. I saw this DAC/amp on ebay and was wondering if it is related to all this Zhalou DAC/amp talk that seems to be a couple of years old... The DAC / Amp on ebay is titled:

Is this an old version of a Zhalou DAC/amp? Is it any good?
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Hey it's now 05/17/2015 as I reminisced through these headphone forums... and see, yep, everyone went to sleep on this thread and never answered. I don't remember what had transpired exactly between then and now but all I know is that I have a Zhalou DAC headphone amp in my collection that I just dug out of my junk box from years ago and all I remember was that I was very impressed with it.  I also found an original Zero DAC amp in my collection from back when I bought it from ebay China seller and it too is an excellent headphone DAC/amp. nuff' said. Go back to sleep now y'all! :-)

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