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//Shows Mode and simple "..." ticker
Mode:$char(1)%_trackinfo_mode% $if(%_trackinfo_notrack%,No track, $repeat($char(32),5)$if(%_isplaying%,$select($add(1,$mod(%_time_remaining_seconds%,4)), ,...,..,.,))$char(10)

i messed something up in that, and it wont work. I copied that directly from my track info code. Im not good with this stuff, can somebody help please? and also, how can you simply get an extra line of space, to space things out (like if you pressed enter in microsoft word)???


PS: Asmox, thanks for the help, got the fading and all working, good stuff.

Edit: Found $char(10)
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Originally Posted by TheReds
go here for the plugin: http://pelit.koillismaa.fi/plugins/general.php

Just scroll down a bit until you see the ID3v2 support (foo_id3v2) plugin. Download it and put it in your components folder. Should work from there.

Unfortunantly the link for that plugin is dead.. It also looks like i already have that installed on necropimps version. Any other ideas?

EDIT: Ah, apparently its reading the mp3 gain data instead of id3 data, this will be a pain to fix.. lol.
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Cool a foobar2k gallery

Here' mine

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What do y'all use for your lyrics panels? I have the lyrics show panel, but the online search doesn't have many lyrics. I tried the lyricsdb, but those don't have timestamps and I want ones that do so they can scroll. Are there any good places to get lyrics with timestamps? I'd hate to do it all manually.
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Originally Posted by TheReds
Preferences > Columns UI > Other (its a tab at the top) > check the "Use custom buttons" > Click on "..." and locate the picture of the buttons

^^ on the last step, you'll just have to look around in his foobar folder, not really sure where he kept the buttons.

sweet!!! that worked . thanks very much
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This one's my lovely foobar-setup inspired by 'necropimp' (actually I'm using his his formatting string) - thanks guy.
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Pretty much one of the basic configs I found on Hydrogen Audio.

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Here is mine....

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So Foobar is some kind of spreadsheet program, right?
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snapshooter, i'm using your config, how do I get the songs to display in # order (right now they're 1, 10, 11, 12, 2, 3, 4, etc)
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thrawn86, try clicking the header of the "Album" colum and it should solve the problem.
You can also find the section Core in the Preference, the line "Sort incoming files by" and substitute the part %tracknumber% by $num(%tracknumber%,2)
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thrawn86? wouldn't happen to be thrawn[numbers] on another site?
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ubernet and sharkies, if those were either of the ones you were thinking of

"ry clicking the header of the "Album" colum and it should solve the problem."

that worked,thanks
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as simple as I could make it, only two plugins used.

now if only i could find a working lyrics plugin. one of the ones I tried is blocked by my univ's firewall

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New Stuff...You Like??



One problem. In my track info on the top, a wierd character next to my "mode" just shows up. Iv gone through the code over and over trying to find it, but i cant. ayudame por favor......help me please.


ps, lets keep this thread alive by posting all visual foobar problems here...along with pics
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