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i have a newbie question....does the earmax pro power the HD650's ok? i've heard some people say its doesn't...confused...also how does it sound just using the tubes that comes with it? Im stuck between buying an earmax pro or grham slee solo...
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Originally Posted by ċãţ
i have a newbie question....does the earmax pro power the HD650's ok? i've heard some people say its doesn't...confused...also how does it sound just using the tubes that comes with it? Im stuck between buying an earmax pro or grham slee solo...
Easily powers them.
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Originally Posted by ċãţ
i have a newbie question....does the earmax pro power the HD650's ok?
Yes, absolutely.

Also how does it sound just using the tubes that comes with it? Im stuck between buying an earmax pro or grham slee solo...
It sounded good with the stock tubes already, but maybe the tubes that come with it are different ones nowadays. However, I doubt that you would be disappointed. Moreover, my current tube favorites don't cost the world: 1x Sovtek 12AX7LPS, 2x Electro-Harmonix 6922 (gold pins; even cheaper without gold plating). -- I can't speak for the Solo.
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thanks for the comments i'm going to order it.
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Originally Posted by ċãţ
thanks for the comments i'm going to order it.
The Earmax Pro is pretty easy to find used, often with upgraded tubes included.
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As a previous owner of the Solo and having listened to an Earmax Pro, let me say that these two really show the difference between SS and Tube.if you like the solo, the the Earmax will sound really lush and warm and slow. If you like the Earmax, the Solo will sound harsh and aggressive and fast. But if you compare a solo to other SS, the solo will sound warm and punchy and have a nice deep bass. If you compare a earmax to other tube amps, it will sound liquid, especially in the mids, but with a nicely controlled bass and smooth highs.

it depends on where you're coming from!
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Strangely I enjoyed them both as much as each other.

With the Emp I preferred the Grado's with the solo I liked the senns and hp-2's.

The Emp help take the edge off grado's and the solo gave the senns an edge.

It is more a case of synergy rather than anything else I thought.
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I agree with Red above - it's all about synergy!
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Who cares about synergy and sound quality when an amp looks that cute, I want one just to look at
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Originally Posted by 88Sound
Congratulations on the EarMax Anniversary edisonwu! I received the US Version of this amp 2 days ago and mine is Serial #12. The serial # is located on a sticker on the bottom of the amp. According to Hart at Audio Advancements there will be a total of 100 EarMax Anniversarys sold worldwide. As far as I know Audio Advancements is the only US Distributor so Hart may very well have only 33 of these to sell also.

The differences on the US version can be seen in the Great photo's you're providing. There is a Gold Triangle Metal Plate that says Earmax Anniversary (I would bet is says Brocksieper under this if I pried it up which I will not!), and the RCA Jacks are supposedly upgraded (at least different), notice the 2 stripes on each RCA. The voltage is also for the US.

I have an L3000 on order and although I have phones to help break-in the
Earmax AE, I do not have great ones to do so. The only phones that would have been great to try with this I sold a few days ago (you know who you are!).

Good Luck and Thanks for the Great Pics!

The US Version use Vampire M1F OFC Female RCA, and the rest of them over the world are Vampire M1F Female RCA which is about half the price of M1F OFC. The M1F are gold-plated over silver and copper. Then the OFC version is a gold plating over oxygen free copper. Obviously, M1F OFC is better quality.

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12au7 in EMP

I rolled just about every 12AT7 in the EMP. The best, as per posts on the subject, are actually the best.. Early '60s TFK ECC801S, Valvo 6201 Blue 3 mica, Early AMperex Holland and Valvo Hamburg with D getter, Mullard '50s with D-getter, and, Siemens 3-mica ECC81, some of which can are actually TFKs with Diamond on bottom. For USA brands, CBS 7728 and Tungsol 50s with D-horse shoe getter are the only ones I enjoyed.

I am now rolling 12AU7s varieties and let me tell you this is VERY worthwhile. Not decided whehter I like the best classic 12AU7 or the best 12AT7 better. Will depend on source, phones, cables and taste.

As for outer tubes, Amperex Orange globe, Amperex white label 6922 and Mullard CV2492 are best tME--have not tried TFKs.

Plenty of drive on EMP for Senn HD650--in fact, better than HD595. Apparantly, higher impedence phones are the way to go with EMP.

If anyone knows that a 12AU7 is harmful, please let me know.
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yeah, Both EMP and AE are laudable headamps. They sound great with old stock tubes, but only ultimately with ultimate tubes. I wish i could tell you guys some more about how great they are, more general and more in depth but just don't have the time. I would be happy to see more people were going to tube-roll the emps with costly tubes. And then we could make a share here. For the list of the best 12at7, I mostly agree with Mel (nurxhunter). Just wanna make some more up a whole. The pinch waist Valvo 6201 red or bule printing is the best Valvo I have heard so far, damn rare, not very expensive if there is still one somewhere. I like both the earlier amperex and the later amperex with G clef. The later one with G clef sound more musical and euphonic. It was a "CCa" rated type of amperex, manufactory slected. The earlier philips made amperex sound more open and deeper bass. I have four different types of Mullard '50s (different structures). They sound different from one to another. Hard to tell which is the best in general, since the best for me is always diverse at any given point of time. They are all the best though. I don't really like Siemens 12a?7 tubes at all. I will leave no comment. TFK ECC801s are good sounding tubes and great build quality but just not as good sound as most people think about them. My current favor with earmax pro is philips military 12at7 1953. It sounds superB detail, live, and open. Have ultra-high image resolution, clear midrage and good bass. Good C/P. It pairs well with many types of 6922 tubes I own. Some other extremely rare but damn costly 12at7 tubes are still nice to try, like two mica d getter GEC A2900 gold print, gold lion, monarch B739, etc.

12au7 & ax7 work fine on my emp. I have some long plate d getter au7 and ax7 working on it. No problem, just a bit more expensive than at7 because of higher demand on the market.

The best matching headphones with these amps are no doubt Sennheiser and Grado. I personally prefer Sennheiser. Anyways, it drives other headphones I have tried with no problem except KK and K701 (this one is still OK, but not very impressive).
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I agree with Dr. E(MP)

I agree with Edison, the sound of the EMP with top-flight, NOS EU tubes (mostly) and some select USA is wonderfullllll--esp. with Senn HD650/Cardas and good interconnects. The trick with interconnects are neutral and detailed. I am itching to try the silver cryo'd HP cable recently advertised on Agon.

When I have a bit more time, I'll rank the 'middle' tube and the 6DJ8 types. Suffice to say that for the 6DJ8, I agree precisely with Joe's Tube Lore. While he missed on some of the great 12AX7 and 12AU7 and only focused on the great 5751s--of which there are only 3-4 really, Joe is SPOT ON with his 6DJ8 assessments. I have just tried Siemens E88CC, and I am impressed. Better than Dutch---not sure, different. More air, more detail. Thin? Not sure. Amperex 7308 white shield USA '65 (matched NOS) are a little thin to my ear as well, but have not balanced/rolled with Mullards or CBS7728, for example, to flesh out the mids.

In deference to Edison, I need to try TFKs in outer position. The Early TFK ECC801S is spectacular, to my ear. I need more time to compare again to others. So far, the earliest 12AT7 types I have are Harleen '56, Hamburg '55 and some funky Mullard with super solid construction and funky D-getter that is part of a 'cage' over the top mica, and the tube is 3-mica. Early Tung-Sol (1953, Grey Plate) not bad for a USA tube.

EOS, the EMP with the right tubes beats a PPX3-6CG7 with the best 6CG7s--thoughs its a close call. The EMP is soooooooo musical, detailed, airy--and fairly transparent--but for musicality per se--defined by being able to listen for hours on end with admiration and no fatigue--it's hard to imagine better, though I hear the SP Supra just slays the EMP, and for the price, it should.

EMP is like my CJ-MV52--mybe not the MOST detailed (not always a good thing), maybe not the tightest bass (but very tuneful), maybe not neutral as a Switzerland, but so MUSICAL you melt into the sound and imagine the vocalist singing to you straight on and the band laid out in space backing him/her(it??). "It just sounds right", and what a stage! I feel the same way about the EMP.

While I really liked the ASL MG Head OTL III with the best of the best tubes, esp. for its price used, and my Sansui 1000A with the best of the best NOS, I knew I would sell both after 1 hr. with the EMP. I was lucky. Mine came with NOS Adzam E188CC and TFK ECC801S, and Siemens and old Tesla E88CC as backups. Good deal! Even the stock Ruby 12AT7 large chrome plate was not too bad, not bad at all in fact--but I need to go back and hear again, if I can find it.

More later.

PS. It was Edison's posts that got me into a frenzy buying rare 12AT7. Thanks, Edison, I think. I believe I have just about all of the great ones, +/- a year or so in vintage--except for the GEC2900--toooo expensive.
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The DAC is important

With my Cal Alpha(s), I can tailor the sound that much more with nosty 12AX7 and 5751. What Joe says about 5751 may hold for amplifiers, but not DACs as much, though he is prety much right on. Remember, there are only 4 5751s worth trying, and the vintage of these (it's the construction that counts) seems not to have as great an impact as for other tube types; oddly? Well, the date range of the four best 5751 are only about five years or so, for the most part, and all USA made. More later.
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Resurrecting this thread. Are people still high on Electro-Harmonix with the EMP?
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