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I would also like to know this, but I know that some tubes can be as high as 10,000 hours! However, tubes succumb to various issues such as producingn lower emmisions, less sensitivity, less ability to amplify... That is why getting matched tubes is important. they will decay relatively in line with each other.

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I'm a true tube noob but what I've read tell me that you are right. It is brand, type, amp dependant. The cathode seems to be the most "used" part as it is heated to very high temperatures in order to emit electrons. These temperatures are type and amp dependant. More power means more electrons, means higher temp, means more wear.

I've read that an ECC801s (premium tube) is rated for 10'000 hours, others for anywhere around 5'000. Usually military spec'd (JAN's, W, etc) last longer.

Getting really impatient to receive my AE, first tube amp
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I too am a noob. That's why I hardly ever listen to what I say.
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Originally Posted by ken36
Stock tubes. An idea I never thought of. Wasn't impressed out of the box. Maybe they need a 50 hour burn-in also. Ok, Wu, starting tonight I will give it a go. It will save me a few hours on my beloved EHg tubes.

YES, it is EMP's stock tubes with EMP AE. I am serious.
After a few days 24 hours running in, I tested all of them again yesterday night. I wish the conclusion was wrong.
The EHg are extremely good tubes for both EMP and EMP AE but have nothing to do with the EMP's stock tubes on the EMP AE.
I will try some Mullard and Telefunken in the future.

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I have to admit, I thought you were kidding. Why not. Life is full of you know what. I wonder if anyone out in head-fi land can identify these tubes. This is all very confusing. I haven't seen anything anyplace.

I do have a set of EMP stock tubes and I have not tried them on the EMP AE. Never thought of it, until now.
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Originally Posted by edisonwu

the cental tube is marked, and two outside's are unmarked.
If any one here has these tubes came with your EMP, and you don't need them any more, please give me a PM, I want a spare set.
The center 12AT7 is from Tube Amp Doctor in Germany:


The outside tubes may also be from TAD, but you can email them to find out.

Originally Posted by edisonwu
I havent tried some Mullard and Telefunken. They may be good. I shall see.
Based on what you described previously, I really don't think you'll like the Teles, but the Mullards may be more your cup of tea. Otherwise the Jan Philips 6922 80's vintage is described in this review as being tubey and syrupy (which is what you are looking for I think):

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Been using the DT 880s tonight and decided to go back to the full complement of EH tubes (6922 EH/12AT7), wow…this setup is just extremely dynamic. Notes are darting all around my head and flying in the very 3 dimensional space these tubes create. The texture is also just fantastic, but I can’t get over how great these inexpensive tubes sound…it is just so vivid and fun. This is what brought me back to tube equipment actually, the availability of current production tubes that can be had on the cheap. The spiraling NOS tube prices took the fun out of music enjoyment. That’s it, I’m going to get a new tube preamp for my stereo system too in January which will also use 6DJ8/6922 tubes so I can roll tubes between the two units.
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Thanks for the heads up.

Changed the EHg tubes out of the AE this morning. Seated the EMP stock tubes. Breaking in the new W1000s around the clock. At about 52 hours the W1000s sound pretty classy at first listen. Great bass attack of all things. Not a great sound stage. Clubby.

I figure on trying the L3000 Saturday. Damn this is fun. And Cheap.
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Scott Nixon is going to release a USB Tube Dac (USBTD) as soon as he works out a pesky problem sometime soon. I think it will use a single 6922 tube as does the Tube Dac which is already released. He has a good price.
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Thank you so much for the information.

The EMP stock tubes on EMP AE is quite focusing on the mid, so warm and sweet. It is more detailed and energic than it was on the EMP. It is less airy, transparent and dynamic compare with EHg tubes, but greatly match well with HD600 and I love the taste. As for AD2000 as well as L3000, my choice would be EHg tubes rather than those stock tubes. There seems no tubes can make the best of both worlds. HD600 needs some beautification on its mid and high, in the other hand AD2000 needs dynamic strength.

I am going to try some Mullard's. Can the style of these tubes be both sweet and dynamic? There are more than one versions of the Mullard E88CC g. What are the differences among them?
E88CC / 6922 RCA, Mullard made in Great Britain, gold pins
E88CC (premium 6DJ8) Mullard made for Philips in Great Britain
CV-2492 (E88CC / 6922) British military Mullard U.K. made

Should i also seat the Mullard ECC81 for driving tube or I should take the Telefunken's?

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im currently trying the mullards;

Mullard 12AT7
Mullard ECC88 / 6DJ8 (premium)

The sound is lush and the soundtage is wide. I don't know how to compare it, it is superior to the stock tubes as the stock sound feels lifeless in the treble range for me. The mullards are much wamer and possibly too smooth. But it depends on the material. As far as detail goes... I am looking for something with possibly more detail / low end 'punch'.

I also tried substituting a 12AU7 Electro-Harmonix in for the 12AT7. But I much prefer the 12AU7 Mullard.

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Is it a good idea going to the 12au7 rather than the 12at7? Is it dangerous?
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something occurred to me in the middle of the night. I took everyone's word that the AE stock tubes were inferior and banished them to the bottom of the pile. Never gave them a proper 50 hour burn-in. Total time I have with them is maybe 5-6 hours. Have any of you guys logged in some real time with the stocks? I am going to since this is my month for burning everything.
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Originally Posted by ken36
Is it a good idea going to the 12au7 rather than the 12at7? Is it dangerous?
I would also like to know this; I would like to know which different types of tubes are compatible in genersl with each other.

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Come on TR experts. A little help here. Are we the only ones left? I'd hate to believe that.
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