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Is this a travesty?

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I'm still trying to decide if its worth it to wear in public before dying (I'm wanting to tye dye, plus black... but that would involve doing something).

An aside, I also need a new camera.

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Not a travesty...just shows you're a tacky @#$#^
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Originally Posted by grawk
Not a travesty...just shows you're a tacky @#$#^
I was thinking i'd just be tacky if I wore them in public... even the pic was just on a table/chair... not even on my head. Maybe they'd be less quarter modded...

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I wore aluminum sr-325s with yellows in public back in the day. Needless to say, I couldn't fight off the ladies no matter how hard I tried.
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If those were rectangular it would be like the Scotch-Brite pads for washing dishes.
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bah i wore reverse vwaps nice and yellow out on the streets of NYC - no one batted an eye, they just thought i was wearing cheapo crap cans hehe.
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heh... if i wake up in time, i'll quarter mod 'em, and take 'em to work.

Maybe one of the older people there will be like... 'Hey sonny, those remind me of my old headphones... some nazi piece I had with big yellow pads..." "Sennheiser HD414's, perhaps? Yep, these are the same pads just quarter modded to fit my limited edition Grado HF-1's. Wanna listen?" then after that, he buys me a pair of RS-1's as a thank you for getting him into the wonderful world of head-fi.

Yep, the cold medicine is making me have wierd thoughts... nap time.

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but the most important thing is how they sound!
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seeing as they are kind of rare item, and the fact that they leak so much, i wouldn't really want to use them in public anyways.
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I wear yellow vwaps (on MS-2) all the damn time in public.. even at uni (around my peers)

But i gotta say... the mix of 3 colours (yellow vwap, black case, brown wood) sure is ugly.
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Don't worry mexidrag...no one will notice the ugly headphones at work, they already know not to look in your direction or they'll get sick....
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I dunno, my original HD424s look pretty much just like that . The only difference is the backing for the pad covers the whole pad so you don't see any yellow sticking out from the back of the cup. You do see it through the grating in the back though...
As seen here...

The 414s whose pad you are using looked just like that. Maybe the yellow on black was the cool thing back in the day, I don't know.
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