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Do you have a second choice if this one is too hard or too expensive to come by. One place up the road here carries Musical Fidelity so I will check

Does this amp incorporate tubes?

You wouldn't per chance know their web address?

Thanks for your help.
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The X-cans v1 and v2 have tubes in them, but you won't be able to see it like most other tube amps.

Musical fidelity's web address is www.musical-fidelity.co.uk and go http://www.musical-fidelity.co.uk/pr...nts/index.html to straight to the x-canv2
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My MG Head is due to arrive (FINALLY) today or tomorrow. I'm giddy in anticipation as I'm currently driving the HD600s with an old crappy integrated amp, yet still loving the Senn sound. Tubes are going to push me over the edge into euphoria no doubt, and I've got some of the best ones ever made in their class ready to go.

And BTW, I would expect and recommend that you start rolling the 12AX7 before the power tubes. That's where I'd expect to get the biggest bang for the buck. Look into older NOS 12AX7s off EBay. For $20 to $30 a pop you can have alot of fun. I've currently got a stash of Amperex Bugle Boys, GE black plates, and Sylvania Gold Brand tubes ready to go. Each of these are phenominal tubes for the application, and each impart their own unique signature on the sound. Its alot of fun to tailor the sound to your liking through tube swapping.


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Let us know how it is

I'm excited to read your thoughts on the MG HEAD. You have the same headphones that I have and a similar CD Player. I have the Cambridge Audio CD6.

When you get a chance try and right a review...I think a lot of folks are interested in the HEAD as an affordable way into both headphone amps and Tubes.


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I'll be sure to do that. However my only reference is an old crappy Yamaha receiver that I'm using now. The difference will be night and day. Also I'm probably not going to put any mileage on the OEM tubes. I'll be going right to my Amperex EL84 tubes and will be doing a little playing with 12AX7/5751s. My signature will change as I experiment.

BTW, the amp arrived today, but FedEx didn't leave it. I signed the release form and so it should be on my doorstep at some point tomorrow.

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