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strange days indeed,most peculiar momma

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So the weirdest thing (tell me if you heard this one)

I recently aquired another Jeep Wagoneer to replace the one I blew up about six weeks ago

It has an AM/FM/Cassette player and since I like to use my portable CD player "mobile" I have the car kit with the battery adapter and cassette adapter

all are sony

so what's the problem ?


It works fine if I am just sitting there with the engine turned off but once started the player reverses the side of the "tape" that it thinks it is playing and all I get is hiss and VERY faint music

obviously the adapters only work in one direction and I have NO way of fooling the cassette deck into flipping over (maybe a friggin' shotgun )

Anyone else ever come across this problem

Any fix

is this the right forum


BTW-anyone but me notice that placing an asterisk before the mad face looks like a pissed off guy with a baseball bat ?
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ehm...can't help ya mate, sorry
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Did I get that right: The cassette player has no manual reverse button? Strange... And did you try inserting the adapter after starting the engine?

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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Usually you'd just hit both the F.Forward and Rewind buttons at the same time and it should flip back over.
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Lini: yes it has a reverse lever but since there is no actual tape involved it does not work

Mc Whack : It is a single button


It's cool

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hmmm....... have you tried putting in an actual tape, starting the engine, then putting in the adapter?
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you should be able to run the cable out of the tape adapter on the other side and then you could put it in so that even though the tape player is still going forward, the tape will be playing the other side.
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tried both man, no frkn go

time for a new deck (not to mention tearing apart the dash)

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Liberal use of a sledgehammer...
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10 guage mags

(putcher earplugs in NOW)

less work

totally effective


see ya !!!!


I know from previuos discussions we DO have some shooters out there

having said that , ever actually fire off more than say 10 magnum shotgun rounds ?

Is it me or does that **** hurt the next day (no softball for the rick ,throws from center can be a bitch when totally HEALTHY )

ooh that.........rick........hurts
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