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yeah,everything seems fine now ('cept my pain)

Rick,properly spanked
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I concur (re: evil grin smily face)
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Originally posted by rickcr42
Rick,properly spanked
LOL......rickster,'re a one-off.
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why I try to read every thread-

by the head-fi resident nutball

you never really know where a thread will go

Thanks guys , I really,really needed a good laugh

and it was a good one

of course I crack my self up sometimes

(damn scary ain't it ?)

cheers bros
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Yahoo! Lord Jude and his crazy band of Moderators fixed everything ASAP
Everything is perfect
I appreciate thee's speed and agility
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Wow, rick.
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Well, I've tried not to ask, but I just can't help it...

Rick, man, what are you smoking and where can I get some?
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if I tell ya I gotta kill ya..............

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hey send some this way...(free post hahahhaha)
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The first one's always free... then WHAM!!
Err, or so I've been told...
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