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Decent, Flexible Power Cords?

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A friend of mine is currently looking for a $100-$300 power cord, 3' long, that happens to be flexible... It's this last requirement that's nixed the VD cords and the Bolder Type 2. Any ideas?
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ATN: skilled DIY cable makers!

More like ± <$100. I am interested in the Chris Ven Haus Flavor 2 power cord with Wattgate 320 IEC and Marinco 8215 plug, and teflon jacket instead of high pressure air hose. WTB! For protection, cloth braid or nylon sleeve would be nice. And of course gotta have heatshrink on the ends for strain relief.

As for cord to use with sources, is the VH Flavor 3 like pretty much same thing as Bolder Type 2?
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I have Ven Haus designed power cables and want to warn you that although I do think they make a sonic improvement over stock/computer store IEC cables that they are NOT very flexible. Since you've used Bolder's other cables you should have some idea of what I mean when I call these "stiff."
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I have a Cardas Quadlink Power Cord; 6ft, very flexible and very well made. I got it at for $144.
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