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Earmax E288CC

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Has anyone tried using E288CC tubes in place of the 6DJ8/6922 output tubes.

I saw a review of CD player with a tube output (2 x 6922) and several different types of tube were tried including E288CC which the reviewer said gave the best sound.

Would it be possible to do this with the Earmax without damaging it because the E288CC tubes have a heater current of 0.475amp as compared to the 6DJ8/6922 which has 0.3amp?
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I'm assuming you have an Earmax *Pro* since the regular Earmax doesn't use 6dj8's.

That said, I can't answer as to whether the E288CC will damage the EMP, but using a tube of a type other than what is recommended *will* void your warranty - if anyone finds out

Just because of that, I would hesitate to use anything other than the 6dj8/6922/7308 ecc88/e88cc/e188cc family.

You could also try asking this at the Headwize forum since some people have built an EMP clone (Morgan Jones) over there, and the DIY'ers may be able to tell you if the amp can handle the additional drain.
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Sorry for awaking such an old post.

But I really want to know the answer of exacitly what Rob N was asking.
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seems like no one knows the answer.
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Yes, it can work but there are mixed reviews out there.

The E288CC is not a strict drop in replacement.
The E288CC has the same tube pin layout as other tubes in the 6DJ8 family.
However each section of the E288CC has twice the mA of both sections combined for another 6DJ8 tube.
In general, you would have to use a lower volume setting with the E288CC tubes.

I recently subbed a matched pair of Siemens E288CC (grey shields) into the output section of my Decware CSP2+ tube preamp.
It sounds sonically great there and as good as a SIEMENS CCa with black background and clear sonics.
The sound stage also widened considerably.
Fresh out of NOS tube storage, the E288CC sounds as good as my >200hrs Siemens E188CC.
Since tubes sound much better after burn in, I expect the sonics of the E288CC to eventually surpass both the Siemens CCa and the 7308.
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