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Why everyboday raise SONY D-211 so high???

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All the people say D-211 is so good only lose to DCP-150
But I check from SONY CD walkman history
This D-211 only is a cheaper version of D-311
Only plastic cover make D-211 look cheap also
And I don't think SONY will put more material inside more than D-303,D-311,D-777 with a much less price
What do you think about
The D-211 original price is Japan yen: 27000
D-311 is 37800
D-335 is 30800
D-777 is 32800
and D-303 is 37800

I don't believe SONY will put more sweat in a cheap machine
Business is business
SONY must put better material and better design to higher price Discman
That's what I am thinking
My D-211 is coming soon
Then I will let you know my comments
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Up up,there is no people who concern the old machine now?
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The D-211 is a good sounding PCDP but it's build quality like you have mentioned feels cheap when compared to the D-311, D-777, D-321 etc. I don't think Sony intended on making the D-211 a top of the line model at the time. If they wanted to I'm sure Sony could have use an all metal casing like the D-311.

Maybe Sony wanted to make the D-211 an affordable PCDP so buyers who don't have much money or don't want to spend much money could buy it and yet have great sounds if not better than PCDPs of similar build qualities like the D-311. What you need to understand is those who praise the D-211 didn't praise it because of the materials that was use to build it. They praise it because of it's great sound which matters most to them. Also more expensive PCDPs doesn't necessarily mean better design.

I'm not concerned about the D-211's cheap feel, I own one and it hasn't fallen apart yet. I'm more concerned on how it sounds against similar PCDPs like the D-311, D-777, D-303 etc. IMO the D-211 can sound as good or better than the above mentioned PCDPs. It all depends on what type of sound quality you are looking for in a PCDP.

In a previous post you mentioned you like a warm sounding PCDP and don't care about detail and accurate sound, the D-211 isn't a warm sounding PCDP when compared to some of the other models. It's a foward sounding (not bright) PCDP with excellent amounts of detail and accuracy similar to the D-311 which you have given to your brother possibly because you didn't like it's sound and preferred something warmer.
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If you like a warm sound, can't go wrong with a D777...

The D211 is great for a fun listen, pretty much the best i've heard (certainly is from the Sony stable)
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Im not sure if i understand completely your post but you are asking how the d-211 which is a cheaper built/priced model than the d-311 (your example) can sound better than the latter?

if that is the question, i can provide a bit of an innacurate answer since i havent listened to those units, but if its true then its not the only example that exists, a more contemporary one would be te comparison with a shuffle and a HDD based ipod, the hdd ipods are more expensive, have way more expensive parts and is more dificult to produce, but the shuffle sounds better due to the codec chip used and the capacitorless circuit.

Sound quality isnt top priority and focus for some products, like you said sometimes the focus is a better built unit with more quality materials, sometimes the focus is more features, etc.

Depends on the research companies make on what the market wants, and as you know not everyone wants the same as you , companies usually (at least succesful ones) make what most of the people want (or they go on a limb and predict a tendency), and like you said business is business...
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Does the Sony d211 play cd-r's?
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Originally Posted by joey
Does the Sony d211 play cd-r's?
Yes, but not CD-RWs
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like a lot of things, it's a lot of word of mouth and the reputation tends to overblow items.
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Originally Posted by gdeth
like a lot of things, it's a lot of word of mouth and the reputation tends to overblow items.
Why do you say that?

It genuinely is a good little player, with only a slightly sub par (compared to the higher D311) build quality - Sure, there are better out there, but the D211 hasn't had a price explosion like the D311...
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^Duncan has pretty much summed up this thread, along with warab..

Yes the sound is nice on the D211 if you like the 311's sig in sound. I agree with Duncan in obtaining a D-777 for a warmer sig..maybe a D-905 too if you can locate one, those along with the D-25/250 have some of the best HP outs of any Sony, IMO.
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