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Digital Cables

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Can anyone here recommend a good coax cable for me? My budget is sub-50$ (I don't think cables make a signifigant difference, so I don't spend much on them)
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How long do you need it to be? It's slightly over, but Bolder's digital cable is $65 for 0.5 meters, and should be all you'll need for a long time. Alternatively, you could DIY a version of that cable, using Belden 1695a cable. That's what I currently use.

Or you could just get a RadioShack cable... not a big difference, but it is there.
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hmm...i keep seeing those monarcy cables (stock cables for monarcy dacs I assume) going on ebay for really cheap... I might go for that. I'd love to try bolder, but I am not 18 yet, so I don't have a credit card. I'll do some research on the monarcy cable.
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a TON of people over at audioasylum recommend the apogee "wyde eye" digital cable.

it's $37 for .5 meter and $47 for 1 meter. they say it's a 'giant killer,' and better than most digital cables at 3x the price. it's not an audiophile cable; instead, it's a pro audio cable meant for recording. they say it sounds totally neutral.

it might be hard to find, however.

i have one that's going to arrive tomorrow.

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damn...they don't take MO's. I'll have to wait untill I get my car...then go to the guitar center on sunset and pick one up. (hate how everything is so spread out in california)

I think I'll go with that monarchy cable for now...then pick up the apogee in august, when I have my car.
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this is a pretty stupid question but is the digital coax (rca-rca) interchangable with normal interconnects? i would of thought coax to be more toslink like not rca-rca.
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Normal interconnects most of the time work fine as digital ICs - the spec for SPDIF is a 75ohm RF impedance however you can get away with something else. In my experience I have not noticed any difference between digital cables when it comes to the sound quality, I do get some signal locking problems with the lowly cables though.
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Is the Apogee available at Guitar Center? If so, I may pick one up to try out. I need to complete an audition of a digital cable this week (review forthcoming) and it'd be nice to have a point of reference. Also, $47 is closer to what I'd want to budget for the cable for my work rig (the only place I'm using a DAC now) than the $150 cable I'm auditioning.
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Originally posted by kelly
Is the Apogee available at Guitar Center?
from the dealer section of their web site:

Guitar Center #440
14080 Dallas Parkway
214- 960-0011
(214) 960-2067

Studio Tech. Supply
9982 Monroe Dr., Suite 407

Brook Mays Professional
8701 Carpenter Fwy, Suite 250
TX 75247
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Excellent. Thanks, Arnett. I believe Guitar Center has a 30 day return policy and they're on my way home from work.
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