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Originally posted by raymondlin
David, how did you put a power cord on the marantz amp and CD? have you "chopped" it off? and is there really that much difference?
Yep thats exactly what I did Took a lot of courage to do it but there you go. You have to attach a male IEC plug to whats left of the original cord, about four inches.

Also (feel an idiot for typing this but hey you can never be to careful right ) make sure you have turned off the amp or cd player before touching the cables. Also get someone who knows what they are doing when rewiring the plug!

I'd better start by explaining that I tried the Powerkords because I have been getting intermittent humming with the amp and figured that this may help reduce or control it. Well it reduced it but didn' stop it. I have now figured out that the humming is due to a) the washing machine down stairs, every time it kicks into a high spin cycle there goes the hum, happened to many times for coincidence and b) the damn fridge kicking in every so often...)

It does improve it but if you arnt sure then the problem is you have to replace the cord with a detachable one (the normal ones shouldnt cost that much to get )

I have the Russ Andrews High current powerkord on the cd player (that cost £120.00 and was well worth it!) and a standard powerkord at £90. though they have been replaced with the one that got reviewed in the latest hifi choice!

It makes the sound clearer and more consistent. Ever noticed that your system sounds good one time of the day and later it could sound really bad? Thats the mains doing their work!

If you are happy with the sound you have Raymondlin, then I wouldnt bother unless you are feeling brave and get some more cds with the cash instead If you think you are having trouble with the mains then try one of their silencers for £40.00 and go from there, just plug it in next to your cd or amp and see if theres a difference, if there is great, if there isnt just send it back and get your cash back

Hope that helps and let us know what you do! (if anything..)
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"May I just add that smoking some decent weed is a lot more effective than these tweaks"

This is very true, but any money you save by not buying the tweak products gets spent on buying snack foods.
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mbriant: Yup, but you can prevent that if you do a little additional shroomin' at the same time...

Grinnings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: Is there a need for an additional standard shroomin' disclaimer?
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And they're low on calories too.
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"scratches head"
Man, I don't remember my Health classes ever covering these important benefits...
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