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woo3 trade

traded my wooaudio3 amp for Jims gilmore lite with additional payment. he sent payment right away and shipped same day. likewise he let me know when my amp arrived. second smooth transaction with Jim, really a great headfier and a great guy. thanks.
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Jim is very trustworthy, payment was received very fast, and promtly. He is also such a gentleman to deal with. I would gladly do business in the future with Jim, as it don't get much easier then this. Thanks again Jim.
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Jim bought a pair of ATH-W100's from me. the transaction went very smoothly and he paid promptly after we agreed upon the terms.

I hope you enjoy your new headphone.
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I bought a pair of headphones from Jim. They came in 3 days and OMG were they packed up well! Thanks a lot!

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CD Sale

Sold Jim a classical CD set, immediate payment and very good communication, highly recommended A+++
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Sold james RS-2. Deal concluded in 15mins from the 1st PM. Great guy!
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I bought AKG k501 headphones from him. Super fast shipping and in excellent condition. Thanks so much!!!!!!
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Purchased 325i

I purchased a pair of Grado 325i with c-pads from Jim for $220 shipped. I had him the money late Sunday/early Monday and they arrived to Michigan by Thursday morning. They are exactly as he described. He replied to most/all of my PMs within MINUTES. I would do business with him again in a heartbeat.

Also note that he made an effort to package everything well. He even put the c-pads in a ziplock baggy so the bass plugs wouldn't get lost. Thanks Jim!
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Jim bought my HD-650's and RnB G52 cable. He was a pleasure to deal with. Constant communication and quick payment. Do not hesitate.
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Sold my Dac to Jamesp without any problems and it was a pleasure to do business with him.

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Jim is a great guy who does excellent communications. He bought my beloved ATH-W1000 headphones. He is just the right person for them. Immediate payment and great feedback. I would gladly value Jim in a future transaction. Thanks a lot, Jim.
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I picked up a pair of Headphile HD600 from Jim. He was both polite and prompt, and shipped the next day. Unfortunately USPS miss-sent my shipment, but he did a fantastic job of keeping in touch with me throughout the process. Highly recommended as an excellent international shipper.
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James bought my pair of Etymotic ER-4P, he was very quick and very nice to deal with. Highest recommendation.
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I sold one of those Taiwan Grado headphone cases to Jamesp. Payment and communication were prompt, and I wouldn't mind doing business with him again!

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I bought a Sony MDR-SA5000 from jamesp. They arrived in excellent condition. I am very happy with this transaction.
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