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Originally Posted by GuffMorgan
Your roommate needs to hurry, I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow (or Friday at the latest) to see mine!

Here's me not even knowing what number I have (come on Todd, I ordered 2 days ago...don't make me wait!)
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Originally Posted by Kameleon
Best. Post. Ever.

I too would like to see some pics. But I'm at work, and thus must be technically "patient" (because I don't lurk on forums at work)
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Patience, Danielsan!
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I guess you opted for Fed Ex? I wasn't in a rush and just went for Priority. If they're being sent out in close to numerical order, I guess mine is on its way.
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*kills himself*
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does no one own a camera in this day and age? the photo security on this can is tighter than on the iPod Nano!

just joshin', we'll be patient 'till your roomie comes back. now peel those pads off pronto!
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Use the digital camera on your cell phone please!
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Originally Posted by nierika
Delivered to my door about 5 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!

They come in the regular Grado box with a 1 year warranty sheet.
This is the first time I have heard a Grado so I can't compare it to other models.

Cable seems to be 6' and nice and thick. Comfort is pretty good straight out of the box (very light and not too much of a clamp). Going to give these hundreds of hours before I say too much about the sound but straight out of the box...

1. WOW these things are dynamic!
2. They are bright but don't sound harsh to me.
Cool! But, we live in the same city, why didn't I get mine! How did you have yours shipped, I did USPS Priority. This is your first Grado, right?
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At least get on MSPaint and recreate them to the finest detail.
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TOD shipped out 25 HF-1 yesterday most by USPS 2-3 day priority mail. I live in PHILA so I guess I will get mine THUR or FRI the latest.
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Grrr! Pics now!
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*passes out
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Where do you live Nierka? If you live by my work you could bop over and we could take a few pics for these crazy people. I think you said you live in south O? Can't remember.
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This thread is so funny...its hurting me...
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It's sort of like a cross between kids at Christmas and pubescent boys trying to get their grubby hands on a single copy of their 1st issue of Playboy.
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