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AKG K1000 is going out of production!

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"The K 1000 has been in AKG’s product line for 16 years and production of it will cease at the end of the year, although it will be available for a while longer. Most of the reason it is being discontinued is due to on-going parts issues and manufacturing efficiencies. There is no direct replacement for it being worked on at this time."

Got this email this morning from a very nice sales representative at AKG USA. I've been interested in buying a pair (I would like to listen to them first), looks like I have till the end of the year to get one!

Is this old or new news?

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sorry Burninator, this is old news. sad news, but old news.
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True, but given that the K1000s are so hyped up as being "special" among headphones (i.e. speaker-like), methinks the price will go up soon :P
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unfortunately this is one can that, no matter how expensive and rare they get in the future, i can't own until i buy a big old house and get a kid and soundproof listening room lol.
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Jahn, sorry dude, didn't know. I thought it was kinda sad. Oddly enough he went out of his way to explain to me that they are not headphones but monitors (too true).

With that said, I hear the AKG K1000's are very very accurate (i.e. too analytical for some).

Again, sorry for the old news...my bad...

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Beautiful Austrians

I've heard these just once and I realized how special they are - such a spacious, airy sound with just a slight hint of sibilance (on my dad's RKV). My brother sold his pair too, but that was because he looked ridiculous in that video!
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It really is too bad that this is happening...end of an era. These things have been a viable product for a LONG time, which is rare.

I do wonder what will happen to their resale value...sort of like the iRiver iHP120/140 players with the optical out, or even the K340. Some folks will want them because they are unique.

They are a very unique product, and I suspect that might be part of the reason behind their being discontinued. Think about it...a headphone manufacturer whose top of the line product is so different than that of other manufacturers? From a marketing perspective, maybe a bit too different...and 10+ years old at that.

I'll be interested to see what the K701 holds in terms of a replacement. I'd be surprised if they don't have something more in the pipeline, but who knows. I can't help but be a bit sad about this...
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Yea, I tend to agree. I think they have no real defined competitor so its hard to market these. Moreover, the fact that they need 7 watts minimum and probably more like 10 to really get the most out of them is a tough sell.

On the other hand, I've been told that they are extremely accurate (almost too accurate).

As far the K701's, I too really want to listen to them. Meier-Audio has them up already for preorder:


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This is sad indeed. I am glad I already own a pair. Out of all the audio products I have encountered, it lies closest to my heart. I hope one day AKG will develop an improved version of it. K1000 for me is the golden reference, and if there is an improved version that must be heavenly.
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