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Grado 325 :
These are the only metal phones n the current grado line. aluminium earcups look very cool and retro. Considered by many as the best value among the grado phones.

Sound :
Overall sound conveys great detail and impact. Bass is not the deepest but acurate and tight. Clear midrange and excellect detail resolution. Some people might find them a bit bright though.
Soundstage is not very big but good for a headphone. Vocals sound very intimate.

great impact, very good detail resolution.

they are not the most neutral cans around but the 325s are very musical. some people might find them bright and uncomfortable.

do a great job with rock music and reproducing acoustic guitar music.
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i use my grado sr80s.best 60 some odd dollars i ever spent.(got em on sale).
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AKG K401 - very natural. Soundstage is just amazing. There is bass but is seems lacking.

Philips HP890 - almost the same to the AKG except that the bass is much much better. On some rap/techno CDs that I've listened to, it feels that there's a sub inside. I can feel the vibration.

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I like my eggo MDR-D22.
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I like my eggo MDR-D22.
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For about $30 more, I think that the AKG K1000 can't be beat.
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hmm, I have to disagree. The k1000s are really sort of different for each person. Personally, I'm not a big fan.
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andrzejpw - Our difference of opinion reminds me of this old saying: "To each their own said the lady as she kissed her cow." ----Regards
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Audio Technica ATH-W100

This headphone, which has lately been the victim of some contreversy, does have many strengths.

(A) The W100 is easily amplified; from receivers and CDP's it does well, and from the the inexpensive JMT CHA-47 it does very well.

(B) Since the W100 is relatively easy to drive and amplify to a more than sufficient extent, less money needs to be spent on amplification if a budget-concious system is your desire.

(C) Many claim that when using an amplifier providing the correct synergy with the W100, a state of near-transparency can be reached. This 'transparency' is most commonly said to be experienced with the EMP, as well as with other high-end amplifiers. Note that with this headphone (and all others) the inclination for transparency varies when different styles of music are played.

(D) Bass performance on this headphone has been described as very capable and enjoyable. It is said to be more 'tuneful' than one of its competitors, the HD600.

(E) The W100 is probably known above all other things to be musical. It conveys well the emotions of the music. The terms 'smooth' and 'fluid' are obvious traits of the W100, as such traits can help add to the W100's ability to convey the music well.

(F) External appearance, build quality and comfort are alll top notch on this headphone, all of which undeniably rival many top of the line headphones in and above its class.

(G) Wooden-bodied instrument reproduction is very, very realistic. It is at a level where it is undeniably equaling or in some cases bettering that of the HD600's reproduction in this aspect. Some think that it is due to the wooden enclosures of the W100 that such an accurate reproduction is possible. I acknowledge the importance of enclosures, although in this case, I am weary and would say,"Perhaps."

(H) Many times (dependent sometimes on amplification and source) the midrange of the W100 can be described as 'lush' and 'smooth.' Its midrange is one its greatest assets in my opinion. Near transparent, it is, many times.

Weaknesses All headphones are subject to weaknesses, the areas in which they are less inclinded to excel. The W100 has several, some of which I may forget. If you could remind me of some of the weaknesses of the W100 that I can vouch for as well, I will add them into this reply.

(A) The sonic colouration of this headphone is perhaps one of it's most known weaknesses. In audiophiledom, colouration is said to be simply 'bad.' It is said to detract from the quality of the sound be making it less realistic, or 'adding' a superfluous characteristic into the sound. There is no doubt about the fact that this headphone is coloured, although in what way, how much colouration existent, and how it affects the sound are matters that truly boil down to (a.) styles of music played and (b.) amplification and (c.) how tolerant you are or aren't of such things; in other words, personal preference. Some have claimed that they hear no colouration whatsoever. There are many factors that could attribute to there being colouration or not, prwhether it is more prevalent or less.

(B) Accuracy on the W100 is, well, decent, although not incredibly wonderful. Sometimes I get the impression that as a result of this headphone's 'fluid' and 'smooth' inclination towards musicality, it is in turn a bit less accurate. This makes sense, considering that the terms 'musical' and 'analytical' are many times antonyms and are rarely found in the same headphone.

(C) The bass performance on the W100 is many times gorgeous and very comendble, while at other times slightly overbearing in nature. Why the bass performance is at times like this is commonly dependent on the style of music played.
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The Sennheiser HD590: I have owned these phones and the HD600 along with the RS-1's and after extensive listening to these phones I have come to the conclusion that they are the best choice for someone who thinks that the 600's are to tame sounding while the RS-1 or Grados in general are to bright.

Contrary to popular opinion, other than the slight lift in the upper mids they sound like they are from the same family as the 580/600 -- which of course they are.

When you factor in their lower price, which according to Sennheiser is due to the difference in the way they are built rather than the driver quality (they are all plastiic while the 600's have a steel headband and some jazzier plastics), their increased comfort and the fact that they are easy to drive they are a serious contender in the under $500.00 category.
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The Sennheiser HD570 & HD270.

Generally nice to listen to.
Soundstage is not too good, tight bass is practically non-existant when it is not powered by an amp.
Comfortable to wear.

Doesn't sound "open" or wide.
No soundstage to speak of. Bass is better than the HD570's.
Uncomfortable by default. Clamping pressure is too high and leather pads trap heat quite a lot.

On a side note, I prefer the more, tame (if I can put it that way sound of the HD570's. I can't stand the HD590's which I tried at a local shop. Although the HD590's are admittedly more clear than the HD570.
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So in your opinion, the 590's may be what I'm looking for? I seem to be getting this feeling from a couple of posts I've read, but its taking time to make a impresion on me, as it seems that a ways back I was reading posts that put down the quality of these cans. Thats why I went for the 600's. The 590's would have all the the things I like in the 600's---but with quicker bass? What is the price I should be looking for? Thanks This is from another thread:

To me, the Senn's have it by a long shot. The Grado's sound overly bright to the point of sounding tinny. I couldn't get them to sound good to me no matter what I did with tonal controls, etc. Its a sound I just cant relate too---especially for fairly $$ phones. In my opinion, the Senn's are a hell of a good phone. I feel they are about 90% close to the perfect phone for me. From the mid-range thru the high's they are about perfect. Real nice. On the lower end I feel they could be just a tad tighter in the bass--a tad quicker. If they were I think they'd be one of the top contenders for a rock phone.
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Look around in some of more recent threads and you will see other more favorable comments on the 590's. There a a few things to consider about them before you purchase them though. One is that apparently the 590's can be significantly improved by adding the Stephan Audio Arts Equinox cable. I've had this cable on mine from the beginning and so I am not a good judge as to how much of an improvement this is. I have since gone back and checked the differences again between the two cables but I have'nt compared them in great detail. All I know is that my 590's with the additional cable sound great.

I also have a Melos amplifier and if you read "markl" comments (who also favors the 590's over the 600's) on another thread he uses the same amp (his has been modified) and from this I can't help but wonder if they are not an ideal match. I have only heard the 590's in one other amp and they sounded fine but it's worth considering.

The deeper, tighter bass, that you read about on the 590's is a feature that can only be fully appreciated with the switch to the Stepahn Arts Equinox cable which also enlarges the mid-range images and softens the top end a bit.

I'm also begining to wonder about the effects of "breaking in" the 590's. The reason I bring this up is because of "Dreamslacker's" reaction to auditioning the 590's. I don't know what exactly his objections were but a number of people who have good taste and experience with headphones react to them unfavorably when they first hear them. The common complaint is how briight they are or how aggressive they are but I just don't hear it that way. Mark says the same thing. These two phones are really closer in their overall sound than some people would have you believe. The 590's are slightly brighter and they are slightly more aggressivce sounding than the 600's but the 600's are noticeably soft and tame sounding to begin with so I don't understand what the complaint is.

Anyhow, what I am thinking is that maybe the 590's benifit from "breaking in" more than some other phones. I bought mine used so I have never heard a brand new set but I expect that this may be the case.

Hopefully you can audition them before buying them but, if you do, keep in mind that "breaking in" may be a significant factor with the 590's. Either way, post you findings after you've owned them awhile and hopefully after you've purchased the Stephan Arts cable.

Good Luck and I hope this helps.

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Originally posted by bkelly
I'm also begining to wonder about the effects of "breaking in" the 590's. The reason I bring this up is because of "Dreamslacker's" reaction to auditioning the 590's. I don't know what exactly his objections were but a number of people who have good taste and experience with headphones react to them unfavorably when they first hear them. The common complaint is how briight they are or how aggressive they are but I just don't hear it that way.
I consider them to be too aggressive for me. They've been broken in for sure. The shop plays them for nearly 12 hours each day for since they were released in Singapore. But that's just me & my honest personal opinion as was asked for in the original post.
No doubts that they're clearer than my as well as the shop's HD570's though.
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Thanks for taking the time to reply. I've been going thru quite a thing here, cause at about $300, I really want cans I love. I have 3 more weeks to auditon the 600's. I really like them. On some types of music they are perfect, on others a bit less so. Sound is a funny thing. I wonder sometimes that if I hadn't read that they are abit soft sounding for rock, I'd have noticed it. I think reading that they are best for classical may influence my over all feeling to. I'm gonna see if I can find a good price on the 590's and give them a listen too. I want to be completly happy in the end, I dont buy a set of cans everyday. (well except in the last couple of weeks) What is a good price for the Stephan Audio Arts Equinox cable?
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