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This summer I'm going to UK for a bit and since market in Poland (headphones wise) is rather poor (price/choice), so I decided I'll buy a pair when I'll be there. Plus, I'll have the occasion to go to a shop with my player and just check them out. Buying them in UK is not a requirement, I can buy them of off ebay if they are worth it. 


I'm looking for closed/half-open headphones around 120 bucks ~ 80 GBP. I'm not an expert when it comes to choosing headphones, so I'll just say what I want from them.


Mainly, I'll use them outside with iAudio i7 mp3 player (for now, I might change it also), but I will also use them inside while using my pc (not so often, only at night and not every). They must be comfortable, I'll be using them very often for long hours when I'm outside home. I don't have any extra money to spend on amplifier, so AMP is a no-no. Closed with good isolation would be the best, but it's not necessary, I'd take open ones if they'd meet my requirements.


Few bands I really love to listen:



Queens of the Stone Age, 


Nine Inch Nails,

Massive Attack,

The Prodigy,


Aphex Twin,

Daft Punk,

Marilyn Manson,

The Smashing Pumpkins,




tl;dr: rock, trip hop, electronica, thrash metal


My choice would be all-around headphones, but I admit I have never had in my hands headphones with good bass or all rounders, so for me it's hard to tell which ones I'd prefer more.


I've been recommended these, but don't take it as list to choose from.

Sony MDR-V 500

Audio-Tech​nica ATH-ES7 (if I could get 'em cheap on ebay)

Grado sr60i

Alessandro Music Series One


If you have any good online shop from UK pm me a link, please.



Any input much appreciated!

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If it were me I'd buy the ES-7s; but not off ebay - more than likely they are counterfeit.


Note I own the ES-7s (first 'proper' headphones I bought, not counting the Koss KSC-75), my MS-1i are long gone, and I have not had a listen to the Sonys or SR-60.

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Yup, go with the ES7s, but definitely don't take chances on eBay :)

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Grado HF2 - These have the Grado sparkle and lush mids, but with restrained treble and terrific bass.  Because of the narrow soundstage (these put you on stage with the band), they're rocker cans more than classical cans.  You'd be hard pressed to find a better sound for under $500.

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Hi guys,


I already have a GradoSR225i bought around a year ago. I am using a basic Maverick Audio D1 amp as well.


I am looking to buy my second headphone. I am happy with my Grado cans but I am looking for something more comfortable with heavier base.


My budget is around 200USD

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@ Hypnotique


All you need to do is mod your SR225i headphones. You need to punch some holes and other pads. See http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/508459/sr60-mod/2145 for details.

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OLD : Sanyo E 333, Pioneer Monitor 10. (both hold a special place in my heart due to my listening to old 80's metal with my now late cousin in the early 80's. 


NEW : Sony XBA-30 and TDK IE800. Smooth as a babies bottom sounds. Like Butter. Couldn't get more amazing without spending several hundred $$$ ore. 

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So after long time waiting, I have upgraded my trusty super comfortable Audio Techinca AD700 to Sennhieser HD600.

Still waiting for some amplification (running on Xonar DX now) but must say I am not all that impressed.

Sure, HD600 has MUCH tighter, stronger bass but I find it too slow (dont know how to say this - is laid back proper term?), especially in classic music I started listening more lately. In house music they do rock though!

Probably I have grown accustomed to my AD700 and its really good sound positioning (big soundstage, right?), and must say that with classic music these sound fantactic! Lack of bass is their strength here. 


Another, most imortant thing I d say is comfort....  No contest here whatsoever, AD700 is miles ahead (I wear them all day no problem).


Anyway, I ll wait till I get some amp, but still want to ask:


Any Audio technica headphones that are super comfortable (though it can be subjective, but generally speaking) with better bass. Comfort should be the same since design is the same right?

DT 880 maybe?

Should I consider closed (tried AKG 551 and liked them)?


So comfortable, not slow, little more bass, up to 300$ (though I am in EU so prices may vary), all purpose (movies, pc games, music-house, classic, country, rock).

Used is OK.

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Hello can you help me with 2 things 1: How do i start a new thread in the over ear headphones section, I am new to this forum and to any forum.
2: Which headphone is better for my preference: Sony MDR 1A vs Sennheiser HD 558?:
I will be gaming in rpg/action games and minecraft mostly and sometimes fps. And i will be watching movies. And I will be listening to hip hop/rap, rnb, dubstep and party sometimes only. So i want music,gaming, and movies. I will be using this setup both indoors and outdoors/ mostly indoors so i would like semi-closed headphones. The sennheiser costs $170 and the sony costs $290. I will be doing the foam mod for the sennheiser. Which is better for me? I will be using them on a smartphone and sometimes laptop. If you could recommend any other headphones it would be fine, my budget is in the $200-300 dollar price range. Thanks

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So I've been on the hunt for a good pair of headphones for a while. At first, I was looking into Bluetooth headphones and bought 3 400 dollar headphones but they each had a flaw that really didn't sale me. I guess i just love good sound quality that much over the new Bluetooth feature. I have 400 dollars that I am willing to spend but when it comes to wired headphones, there is just so much. I researched that i might need to buy an amp for the headphone so I guess i'll have to include that in my price. My music will be coming from my phone, laptop, and desktop. I listen to underground hip hop (atmosphere), hip hop, trap, rap, reggae, funk, oldies, pop, classical, indie, rock, alternative rock, and jazz. I do like hearing clean, sub level bass and a beautiful sound stage. I am a graduate level student so I will be listening to these headphones a lot in the library, the bus, my house, and trips. Please help me choose some nice cans. 


Also, noise cancelling would be a huge plus but if the best pair doesn't have them, i'll sacrifice. 


Help me!!! 

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