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Surprise! HF-1 (Head-Fi 1)!!! - Page 3  

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I'm not even a fan of Grados but I have to...

...get limited edition phones and support head-fi! its win win
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Left you a message. I need to get me one of these!

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Hi Todd,
Are we european headfiers entitled to the same price?
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Just off the phone with todd, mine are reserved...woo
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You've got an email Todd! I cant call right now, but all the details are in the email
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What the hay. Even I have to get one!!!

Good thing the SR225 is my favorite grado
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Originally Posted by Jeff Wong
I sent an e-mail about an hour ago - does that factor into the number reservation?
Ditto, but I could care less about the number, I just want one.
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Please let us know if Emails are acceptable. If not, I'll call during my lunch break I want a low number!!
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I just thought of something else...

Why serial numbers? If it is a Head-Fi only thing and will be produced in an on demand basis, why not have the serial numbers be the person's screen name?

SN: philodox

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Just to be clear, it is the inside driver housing that is wood - not the outside shell. The button is also wood. From the outside it will look like the SR225 with a wood button - but on the inside (The piece the ear pad is on) it is wood.

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Hi Todd

I sent an email about an hour ago - then slipped home from work to call but the # isn't available from Northwest Territories Canada,

I will send another email - hopefully you can reply to that and we can finalize shipping and payment.

thank you

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Are these available outside the U.S.?
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Hi again,

the numbers are received via the phone. I will get to the e-mails and will add all of you on but the best way to get a number is to call.
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#11 on the list, baby!! Woooohoooo!!
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Yeah can't reach the number from here either. It says not available in my area.

Oh well left you an e-mail.
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